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DGTL Debuts in the USA with Stellar Lineup and Sustainable Initiatives

Coming to New York and Los Angeles

by Arad Javaheri
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DGTL, the global titan of electronic music festivals, has officially declared its US footprint. The renowned Amsterdam-born festival is set to make its American debut with back-to-back editions in New York City on December 1st and Los Angeles on December 2nd. The events are a collaboration with two powerhouse underground event collectives: NYC’s Teksupport and LA’s Stranger Than.

Since its inception in 2013, DGTL has been at the forefront of merging groundbreaking stage design with avant-garde production to curate unparalleled electronic experiences. With its roots in Amsterdam, the festival’s footprint has sprawled across major cities like Barcelona, Mumbai, São Paulo, and now, the USA. DGTL’s commitment to curating diverse and inclusive dancefloors, coupled with its innovative approach to lineup selection, has solidified its reputation as a cornerstone in the electronic music world.

The US editions promise an electrifying mix of global talent. Headlining the event is the Danish trio WhoMadeWho with their groundbreaking live show. The ensemble’s performance will showcase an inflatable sphere, projecting 3D visuals crafted in partnership with design magnates like the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Following the release of their critically acclaimed album “UUUU”, WhoMadeWho is set to envelop attendees in the emotive essence of their music.

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But the sonic journey doesn’t stop there. German deep house maestro Henrik Schwarz will take the stage, known for his unique synthesis of classical and jazz elements into electronic performances. Schwarz, who has created remixes for legendary acts like Coldplay and Michael Jackson, will perform b2b with the Maeve label’s head honcho, Mano Le Tough. Rising from Ireland, Le Tough’s debut album “Changing Days” – a harmonious fusion of modern disco and atmospheric house – had firmly established his reputation in the electronic music arena.

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DGTL Debuts in the USA with Stellar Lineup and Sustainable Initiatives

Adding to the eclectic mix, the lineup also boasts of South Korea’s Shubostar, who has been championing the Cosmic disco sound. Dutch duo Parallele will bring their melodic minimal tech vibes to LA, while AMÉMÉ, the amapiano flag bearer, is set to enthrall with his tribal percussion, soulful vocals, and deep house. His performance, b2b with Swedish techno dynamo Ida Engberg in NYC, promises to be a high-octane experience.

DGTL’s legacy isn’t just about music. It’s a beacon of sustainability in the festival world. As one of the planet’s pioneering sustainable music festivals, DGTL is unwavering in its commitment to ecological responsibility. Attendees can expect plant-based food offerings, comprehensive recycling endeavors, and a staunch commitment to eradicate single-use plastics and residual waste.


The NYC edition sees a collaboration with Teksupport, the brainchild of Rob Toma. Over the past decade, Teksupport has revolutionized NYC’s nightlife through its exemplary production, unmatched musical curation, and utilization of unique locales. Meanwhile, DGTL Los Angeles partners with Stranger Than, a collective famed for converting significant urban landmarks into techno and house event spaces. Led by Tal Ohana, Stranger Than has unveiled numerous iconic venues across LA for its legendary events.

For those eager to be a part of this historical debut, pre-sale registration is open now. Mark your calendars, as the tickets for DGTL are set to go live on October 25th. The arrival of DGTL in the USA promises not just an aural feast but an experience that resonates long after the last beat fades away.

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