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Will Sparks North America Tour Review

by Arad Javaheri
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Australian producer Will Sparks is taking over North America with his big room techno sound. I was introduced to Sparks through his wild videos on social media showcasing the high energy atmosphere he brings to his shows. After seeing Austin, TX as a stop on his North America tour I knew I had to go see him for myself!


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Post pandemic, Sparks has evolved his sound to pursue a new take on modern house and techno. This evolution can best be heard through his recent release Annihilate on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. This collaboration is a great fit as Harwell is persuining a new sound as well in his return to live shows with a big room techno experience. Exciting times are ahead as a more energetic big room techno sound is now main stage at festivals which can bring waves of new fans to the genre in the US.

Will Sparks set in Austin was everything I expected and more! A true performer on stage, Sparks not only brought the energy with his music but he commanded the audience as well. Jumping on and off the table you couldn’t help but join in with the party. The visual aspect to his show was coordinated very well with each build-up and drop amplified with energetic visuals. The big room techno sound was powerful and the a nice change of rhythm from the more raw techno sounds we are used to hearing. I can definitely see this sound making its way to mainstages across festivals in North America.

Don’t miss Will Sparks coming to a city near you! Catch all future dates here.


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