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Venture through “Dark Waters” with Shanghai Doom

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Shanghai Doom drops first solo project WAKAAN project and their debut album, “Dark Water.”

The rising experimental bass duo known as Shanghai Doom brings to life their dark tone and heavy bass music. Since 2017, Shanghai Doom has established a unique niche for themselves within the music scene. The duo has stood by their sinister and experimental style, which has earned them support from major artists such as Liquid Stranger, TYNAN, and Mr. Carmack. Due to their commitment towards intricate sound design and twisted atmospheres, Shanghai Doom supported LSDREAM and Shlump on the Universal Wub Tour and several festivals like WAKAAN Festival, Home Bass WAKAAN Takeover, and Equinox.

Photo Credit: Shanghai Doom Press Photos from WAKAAN

Shanghai Doom made their official WAKAAN debut with “Soul Stone” EP, alongside bass producer Esseks, in December 2020. Now, the duo returns to WAKAAN with “Dark Waters,” a nine-track album featuring eight solo productions and one collaboration with the dynamic, and gifted producer leet. “Dark Waters” transports listeners into the haunting and mysterious ecosystem beneath the surface. Such a daunting feat is not meant for the faint of heart as each track will “tantalize eardrums through crisp sound design and experimental, liquid textures.” (WAKAAN Press Release)

Photo Credit: leet Press Photos from WAKAAN

In a quote from Shanghai Doom:

“Although part of our own planet, the deep sea feels like an alien planet within itself. The creatures below are both menacing and beautiful. The scariest part is, not all of them have been discovered yet.”

Shanghai Doom submerges the listeners in the treacherous deep sea environment right from the first track, “Sonar.” The rhythmic sonar echoes amongst the gritty alien-like sound design. The unsettling nature of “Squirm” evokes otherworldly creatures who lurk beneath the surface. As the listeners plunges deeper and deeper into the imaginative world of Shanghai Doom, “Deep Sea Creatures” present themselves with a low end frequency groove and alarming synth sounds attempting to ward off the dangerous life forms, however,  as the track comes to its conclusion with a beautifully melodic motif, maybe the creatures aren’t as menacing as originally thought.

Underwater Devices” re-introduces the sinister tone with liquid, wobbling basses churning beneath the melodic interludes, establishing a mechanical groove reminiscent of functional machinery. The groove established in the previous track is transcribed into “Drowning,” however, there is an overwhelming sense that the expedition will begin to derail. “Signals” features a more upbeat trap drum groove leading towards a sensory overload drop. Various electronic alarms reverberate through the field with the illusion of flashing lights signaling danger. The sound drops out entirely as “Submersible” introduces a massive, wobbling bass line eluding to a monstrous creature stirring up the chaos. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in “Murky” waters with zero visibility and mysterious life forms lurking all around. This collaboration with leet features unusual sounds and low frequency rumbles filling the atmosphere while invoking the sense of illusive and disturbing noises. Shanghai Doom concludes the album with “Darkness.” The daring aquanauts have reached the abyss and are engulfed by total darkness. All the elements and themes introduced throughout the final track culminate with this menacing final chapter with no escape.

“Dark Water” LP by Shanghai Doom was released on Friday, September 3rd, 2021, via WAKAAN. Dive in below!

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