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Vanglowe enchants with “Woman In The Water” Single and Video

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Following features here on Stage Hoppers with 2022 singles “Press Play” and “Dancing In The Summer,” Vanglowe returns with his first single of 2023, “Woman in the Water.” With every release, Vanglowe paints a new portrait of his multifaceted sound. With this new canvas of “Woman in the Water,” the versatile singer and producer crafts a dreamy storyline accompanied by warm synthesizers, glistening melodic interjections, and vitalizing drums. The radiant instrumental texture provides the perfect backdrop for Vanglowe’s sultry yet energizing performance. And, Vanglowe’s pure vocals coast over the seemingly effortless production. “Woman in the Water” is perfect for this late night vibes of euphoric daze.

In true Vanglowe fashion, “Woman in the Water” comes paired with an enchanting music video. The original production captures the hazy essence and takes you “to a secret place, where you reality gets rearranged.” Be sure to heck out the full video below!

  More about Vanglowe

Out of Austin, TX, independent singer and producer Vanglowe is best known for his multiple personalities. With every song capturing a different side of him, you never know what’s going to come next. Every feeling is different, and every song requires a unique combination of instruments to set the scene. The music must have something to say, must make you move, and must make you feel. Lush rhythmic vocals, soft synthesizers, and groovy drums are just a few common themes across his music and the balance between them is ever-changing. Vanglowe is an artist that just can’t be kept in a box.

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