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Steve Aoki: The Record-Breaking Superstar

by Nadia Khan
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The 2-time Grammy nominated, cake-throwing legend has made his mark throughout the years. Founder of the independent record label Dim Mak, Steve Aoki’s incredible work ethic sparked his career as an artist traveling the world and becoming a Vegas megaclub superstar with residency at Hakkasan, Omnia & Wet Republic. Let’s look back on some of Aoki’s memorable moments breaking world records.


No. 4 World’s Highest Paid DJ 

From peeling onions at his father’s Benihana restaurant to working 361 days of the year as a DJ & producer, Steve Aoki ranked in the top 5 of Forbes’ highest paying DJs in 2018. The $28 million cash king is considered one of the hardest working EDM performers in the business and he’s earned this ranking to show for it. 


Largest Scream by a Crowd and The Most Amount of People Lighting a Glow Stick Simultaneously 

In the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in 2013, two Guinness World Records were broken by Steve Aoki and fans. A three minute-long crowd cheer beat Ozzy Ozborne’s minute-long record score in 2010. Although the measure is ambiguous, within thirty seconds, fans lit the most amount of glow sticks at the show, breaking a second record for the night.


Most Traveled Musician

Another Guinness World Record was broken by Steve Aoki in 2012 when awarded with “Most Traveled Musician in One Year,” playing 161 shows in 41 countries. The ambition never settled. BBC reported in 2017, Steve Aoki played 300 shows, sometimes two in a single day. Scenes from his documentary, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, portray the restlessness and enduring stress of his ongoing on-the-road lifestyle. 


NFT Record-Breaking Sale

Steve Aoki has joined the trend, alongside other electronic artists, digitizing art and selling their limited edition merchandise through NFTs (non-fungible tokens) online. Last year, Aoki auctioned “DreamCatcher”, a collection made of 11 pieces and made a record-breaking sale of $888,888.88 on a piece named “Hairy”. 

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