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Rezz Unveils 6 New Bass Tracks, Confirms Explosive Collabs with Heavyweight Artists

Let the excitement sink in as we await the bass masterpieces from EDM's "Space Mom"

by Connor Smith
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Attention Stage Hoppers!

Strap yourselves in, because Rezz is about to take us on a bass-fueled thrill ride! Nicknamed the “Space Mom” of dance music, Rezz just announced a seismic shift in her sound, teasing a slew of upcoming tracks that aren’t playing by her signature rules and aren’t quite diving into dubstep territory either.

Disclosed on her X account like a backstage pass, Rezz spilled the juicy details about what makes these new bass tracks stand out. Then, she flipped the script and let fans in on her top-secret production sessions via Instagram, giving us a taste of six unreleased bangers. And guess what? She didn’t just hint at collaborations—she dropped some megaton bombs!

Hold onto your hats, ’cause we’ve got a long-awaited collab with SVDDEN DEATH‘s alter-ego, VOYD, in the pipeline. And let’s not forget about Blanke, a rising star on the infamous Deadbeats label, who’s teaming up with Rezz to set speakers ablaze. Oh, and those sneaky comments hinting at possible bangers with INZO and Deathpact? They’ve got the bass music fandom in a frenzy!

But wait, there’s more excitement luring! Rezz just spilled the beans about a follow-up collaboration  with Subtronics after their epic 2022 hit, “Puzzle Box.” Subtronics couldn’t contain his excitement, raving about their mind-blowing musical chemistry via X.

As for when these bass-heavy wonders will drop? Your guess is as good as ours! But fear not, because “ALL NIGHT,” a collab with NGHTMRE and DeathbyRomy, is hitting the airwaves this Friday. Consider it a sneak peek into Rezz‘s next-level sonic odyssey.

Rezz’s revelation of six unreleased bass tracks and confirmed collaborations with esteemed artists like VOYD, Subtronics, Blanke, and potential partnerships with INZO and Deathpact signals an exhilarating chapter in the world of electronic music. This teaser into her upcoming releases promises a thrilling journey into uncharted territories. Get ready to crank up the volume and lose yourself in the bass!

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