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Raving Solo as a Woman

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Why I Rave Solo + Why You Should Too!

Attending festivals and events solo is one of my absolute favorite things to do! The first time I went to an event by myself was actually by accident. I planned to go to Excision’s Evolution tour with a friend and we planned to stick together since we had no one else. However, after about 10 or 15 minutes of being at the event, my friend found a rave bae and went back to his car to hook up for the majority of the event. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t too upset about it! After all, she did ask me if I was okay with being left alone. I didn’t want to ruin her fun if that’s what she wanted to do. So, I was left all by my lonesome and it was the best thing she could have done for me.

Festival Attendee at EDC Orlando 2019

After she left, I was able to wander the crowd and fully take in the experience by myself! I am not the most extroverted person, so of course, I was nervous in the beginning. A guy wouldn’t leave me alone and I thought I made a huge mistake by agreeing to be left alone for the rest of the event. I was able to shake him off when a group of girls asked me if I was uncomfortable and wanted to join them instead! I was saved by angels, needless to say. After being adopted by a beautiful girl gang, I felt more comfortable venturing off on my own. I knew I would have them to fall back on if I didn’t vibe with anyone else. I made a ton of friends just by making eye contact and vibing to a certain song. I even formed a group of solo ravers at one point! The experience opened my eyes to all the opportunities solo-raving brought. Now, I attend events here and there without a group and see what journey the festival brings me!

Festival Attendee at EDC Orlando 2019

Why you should attend an event by yourself:
  1. Meeting People: Being by yourself forces you to talk to others and step out of your comfort zone! You are able to make more connections with others. You will most likely get adopted! Rave fams love adopting people who are by themselves. It’s just in our nature. Or you can build your own squad with people you meet along the way, just like I did at my first solo event.
  2. Me-Time: You get to do whatever you want on your own time! You can see any set you want and not have to debate with others on why one set will be better than the other. You can take breaks, explore the venue, go eat, etc. whenever you feel like it. You also become more comfortable with being by yourself and enjoy your own presence.
  3. Zero Complaints: As much as I love my rave fam, the drama and bickering here and there at events can get tiring! Being by yourself lets you get away from all that! Unless you’re complaining to yourself which I strongly would discourage. This is your opportunity to get lost in the music.

Festival Attendees at Countdown NYE 2019

Tips for attending an event solo:
  1. Bag Secured: Bring a secure bag that you can stuff everything you need in without worrying about pick-pocketers. You have to be your own rave parent when you rave solo and no one else will carry it for you! You also don’t want to get your phone and money stolen. I highly recommend getting any bag from Lunchbox. They have packs of various sizes to fit whatever you need and they are extremely secure. You won’t have to worry about losing anything and you’ll be able to keep your hands free to wave around.
  2. Thank You, Next: The hard truth is that raving solo as a woman attracts a lot of weirdos. Even raving as a woman in a group! You will get approached by many strangers that you don’t want to talk to and it can get frustrating. If you don’t want to talk to them because they put off a weird vibe, be clear that you want to be left alone. If they are persistent, I found the easiest and most clear way to get the message across is to walk away. If they continue to make advances to you after that, tell someone! I have asked girls if I could hang out with them for a bit after being followed and have also told security. Stand your ground!

    Festival Attendee at Holy Ship Wrecked 2020

  3. ChitChat: Good vibes attract other good vibes. Meet new people, join a group, make a group, etc. You can make life-long friends this way and connect with people that you wouldn’t usually connect with if you were only hanging out with your group. All you have to do is say hello!
  4. Check-In: Let your friends know where you are going to be and when you will be back home. Share your location with friends and family.  This is just a safety precaution, but very important just in case something happens to you.

All in all, these are reasons and tips that I have for girls who are on the fence about raving solo. It is an experience like no other! Of course, I still go to festivals with my group and thoroughly enjoy being with them! There’s just something different about being on your own that makes it special. You just have to get over the nervous jitters and immerse yourself in the experience! I genuinely hope you try it out for yourself and that you have an unforgettable and positive experience.

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