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Ravenscoon debuts on WAKAAN with Revolve EP

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Revolve, which stands for “re-evolution,” is the WAKAAN debut EP for San Francisco based producer Ravenscoon. A standout work that contains commanding bass-lines and intricately crafted sound design that flows coherently between the four different tracks.

The first three tracks featured on Revolve, “Relax,” “Mental,” and “Sauced “ are slower tempo oriented which allows listeners to become engulfed in the 4 minute, mind-melting, hypnotic cadences of each track. Each track is geared for massive sound systems in order to completely feel the heavy bass in your whole body. 

The fourth track, a collaboration alongside Viskus entitled “Blessings,” differs from the heavier tone of the previous three tracks and delivers more melodic elements. With a more energetic tone, “Blessings,” is the perfect culmination of the EP that demonstrates the skills and growth of this rising producer

Revolve  – Ravenscoon – Tracklist:

  1. Relax!
  2. Mental
  3. Sauced
  4. Blessings – with Viskus

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