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deadmau5 and Lights release second collab “When The Summer Dies”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Deadmau5 and Lights are back with their second collaboration, “When the Summer Dies.” With their first collaboration “drama free” dropping almost 3 years ago, the bar was set high when this release was announced earlier in the week.

“When the Summer Dies” does not disappoint as deadmau5 delivers dark electro house grit in this new work. A static synth introduces the repetitive groove as the central driving force of the track and continues as the pounding bass and kick enter soundscape. The electro-punk vocals of Lights entice the listener through a dark, twisted story and the ominous vocal hook “black smoke” sticks in the listener’s ear.

With ease, any listener becomes lost in the hypnotic groove, but, suddenly, everything vanishes like smoke. In the breakdown, Lights delivers an anthemic “sing-along” chorus supported by evolving and rising synth pads. Then, deadmau5 shifts energy back into the infectious electronic groove with a new vocal chop to engage the listener with an unheard element.

Get lost in the dark electro house energy of “When the Summer Dies” by deadmau5 and Lights, released on July 16th via the mau5trap label.

Photo Credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com

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