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Kaskade at Sofi Stadium Review

by Arad Javaheri
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A journey five years in the making, Sofi Stadium’s construction broke ground on November 17, 2016.  With a cost of $5 billion, makes Sofi the most expensive stadium ever built. the stadium’s beauty and technology are unmatched with 100,000 capacity, bigger seats, and a larger number of boxes and suits.

Kaskade was the perfect headliner for Sofi’s inaugural show.  Kaskade has always been very vocal about the impact the Los Angeles dance music community has had on his career, with many of his biggest sold-out shows being in LA. His last massive takeover of Los Angels included 20,000 tickets being sold out in under five minutes for his LA Convention Center show.

Walking into the stadium was quick and easy with security checkpoints all around the stadium. After entree and a look around the massive stadium, we could not find any directions on how to get to the floor-level tickets.  We found our way by continuously asking every security on the way to point us in the right direction.  Some security seemed to know their way around better than others as we did get pointed in the wrong direction but this being the first massive event with a new staff, mistakes can happen.

The production, sound, and performance were nothing short of perfect! The energy in the stadium could be felt and heard as the crowd roared in joy with every drop. Pyro, fireworks, and lasers lit up the stadium and showcased the power of a full production stadium show. The sound system was one of the strongest I’ve heard! With a bass that will shake your bones, earplugs are a must when attending shows. Out of all of the shows I’ve ever attended this was the first time the quality of sound on my videos was blown out due to the bass.

I can not wait to see more performances at Sofi Stadium. Kaskade set a high standard for artists to follow but with a fair price of $150 for floor tickets, I will love to see other artists and perhaps a single-stage festival stadium event at Sofi in the near future.

Check out some of our videos from the show!


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