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Radiance NYE: 2022 Festival Review

by Connor Smith
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Closing out the year, we had the opportunity to attend Radiance NYE, a festival that was nothing short of a magical experience. Wiping the slate clean, Radiance decided to go with a brand-new venue at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, IL, and we’re delighted they did. With plenty of room to dance the night away, unique vendors selling top of the line merchandise and products, easy access to water stations and alcoholic beverages, and an assortment of art installations, the setup was designed perfectly for the consumer to be comfortable and enjoy. Here are some highlights from Radiance NYE 2022!


Radiance NYE featured top-quality sound production thanks to PK Sound, with 220,000 watts of sound that could be heard from the parking lot. Upon entering the venue, we found a spot close to the rail to fully appreciate each performance. Every set was followed by an even more impressive performance, with the headliner’s final set of the night being particularly memorable. The bass levels, unique visuals, and incorporation of lasers and lights created a complete and remarkable experience, one that will be remembered as the first high note of the year!


On night one, the lineup was filled with deep and heavy dubstep producers that set the tone for the entire event. Producers Veil, LEVEL UP, Truth, and Of The Trees hit unbelievably low notes throughout their sets, incorporating dark and ominous visuals to create a chillingly captivating experience for attendees.

Subtronics took the stage with a prolific message portrayed on the star scaped visual wall stating, “We are a part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us,” leading into the fan favorite Subtronics x Zeds DeadGassed Up” VIP. Bass erupted from the speakers as the talented DJ mixed his classics with unreleased ID’s, showing his audience why Subtronics’ live performances are must see experiences.

Night two had extremely high standards to meet following a start to finish masterpiece from the night before. Producers Meso, Daily Bread, and Rusko continued the good vibes with excellently executed sets loaded with in-your-face bass and high energy performances, getting every fan’s blood pumping as the night continued on.

Liquid Stranger took the stage at 11:59 PM, a minute before the ball dropped into the new year. Beginning his set with words of encouragement and love, Stranger commented “Happy new year everyone! Hope you guys are ready to go!” With excitement filling our bodies, surrounded by the people we love most, no greater feeling could be imagined as the music started to pulse through the crowd. Having never seen Liquid Stranger perform live, I had no idea what to expect. Blasting deep and wonky bass, incorporating mystifying visuals and a trippy array of lasers, I can honestly say I was beyond impressed with the overall performance. His ability to mix live on stage and get the crowd involved was unparalleled, creating a memorable performance that will be remembered forever, a truly amazing way to start the new year.


Festival vendors play a crucial role in the overall experience of any music festival. One of the main draws of the Radiance NYE vendors was the unique and handcrafted items that they offered. From handmade jewelry and accessories to one-of-a-kind art pieces, these vendors brought a sense of individuality and creativity to the festival. In addition to enhancing the experience for attendees, the festival vendors also provided an opportunity for small businesses and artists to showcase their unique talents and sell their work. Having purchased a few items myself, I now have mementos to remind me of the wondrous experience we had at Radiance NYE 2022!

Check out the 2022 recap video below!

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