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Music Is The Drug: Tips To Staying Sober

by Connor Smith
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Since the 1960s when the first Woodstock was held, a stigma has developed around festival and rave culture that in order to attend and enjoy the event, an individual needs to be under the influence of some sort of intoxicant. I am here to say that is simply not the case anymore. Yes, being under the influence will always be accepted due to the open-minded ideals of the EDM community and belief that it can be considered a form of expression, as long as the attendees are handling this form of expression responsibly. With people losing their lives due to laced intoxicants and excessive use, we have seen spikes in overdoses across the nation affecting individuals, turning a fun filled dream into an absolute nightmare. In my opinion, any life is too valuable to risk based on the idea that someone needs to go all out in order to fully experience a show. Going to these events sober seems like it may be under stimulating, but in fact the euphoric feeling music can bestow upon one’s spirit can naturally mimic any affect a drug will provide. Here are some tips to maintain your sobriety at your next event!


Stay Hydrated

Music festivals and events require a ton of energy, and while in the midst of dancing and headbanging the night away, it becomes easy for one to forget to replenish their bodies with fluids. However, it’s much easier to tell how you’re feeling physically while sober. Always keep some water on you and know to take breaks when you need to. Event planners do well as to ensure there are water refill stations available, so bringing a water pouch is a great way to combat dehydration. With event staff having their hands full with security and health issues, it is necessary that personal safety is treated as everyone’s personal responsibility.


Keep Friends Close By

Music festivals are much more fun with the right company – but it’s important to keep the right company. You don’t need to walk around with a sober-only posse, but make sure your friends understand your choice to stay sober and support it wholeheartedly. But if they’re going to mock your sobriety, or make you feel bad for your choices, or even try to make you use something or drink, ditch them. Don’t go to music festivals with friends that don’t understand why you want to stay clean.


Enjoy The Music

Music festivals are about the music, and at the end of the day, the most fun you’ll be having revolves around being able to experience absolutely everything around you – from the bass in the floor, to the crowd, the visuals, the dancing, and more. Remember that, when you’re sober, some things can seem much more annoying. Bathroom lines can be long, people can be loud, and while some of your friends are probably funny when tipsy, there will be a large share of annoying drunks. Knowing to focus on the fun parts of the festival is important.


Utilize Programs

In modern day, organizations like DanceSafe and Sober Nation have been established to provide attendees with non judgmental information on drugs, sex, consent, and more. Also, these organizations have begun to offer drug testing services to ensure that if the consumer does choose to participate in ingesting substances,  they aren’t cut with lethal amounts of unknown narcotics, keeping the risk factor to a minimum while allowing attendees to trust them and their overall mission. Meetings and groups of individuals are also provided for people who are in recovery and still want to safely partake in the music and magic an event can offer.

The use of drugs and alcohol in the music scene isn’t random, and people have the right to attend events in the mental state they see fit. Knowing you have outlets in a sex, drugs, and rock n roll environment makes it easier for individuals to have a fun experience, all while implementing a safe approach to their health.  Remember, music is a drug we can all get down to!

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