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Flume Releases Demo Track: “Slugger”

by Nadia Khan
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Sydney-based DJ and producer, Harley Streten, not only celebrated his 31st birthday last week but also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his self-titled debut studio album, Flume. The four-time Grammy nominated artist and 2016’s “Best Dance/Electronic Album” prizewinner is currently wrapping up his Palaces World Tour in Australia. 


Last week, he went live on TikTok to uncover some hidden gems from his old computer he recently rediscovered. After teasing fans with “lost” demos, he later divulged an unreleased track from 2012 named “Slugger.” 


Made this one in Paris, always loved this demo but it never quite made it onto an album. Figured now that it’s 10 years since my first album was released it would be a good time to share. Hope you like it.


Flume also posted an Instagram reel of him reacting to compiled archived footage from parties and shows he DJ’d for from 10 years ago. While laughing and cringing at himself, the talented introvert discloses his anxiety with performing and describes his hate for public speaking. Despite his self-deprecation with performing and reluctance to public speaking, Flume has taken fans on a euphoric, psychedelic journey headlining this year’s Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits and will close out 2022 headlining the New Year’s Eve festival, HiJinx.


If you enjoyed his era of experimental beats with tracks like “Holdin On”, “Sleepless”, and “Insane”, then “Slugger” will be a real treat. The future bass/trap icon may still be cooking up sounds in the studio, and we can only guess he’ll be releasing some more older tracks soon. For now, add “Slugger” to your chill mixtape and wait for more surprises from Flume.


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