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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Releases of the Week

Edition [11.17.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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ZHU, Wax Motif — “Better Recognize”

ZHU and Wax Motif‘s inaugural collaboration, “Better Recognize,” is a sonic masterpiece that ignites with a fervor only achievable when two powerhouse artists join forces. This GRAMMY®-nominated duo delivers a bold declaration of their artistic prowess, showcasing an electrifying blend of ZHU’s enigmatic production style and Wax Motif’s finely tuned skills. The track, co-written and co-produced by the tandem, was meticulously crafted in iconic locales, including San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and ZHU’s Los Angeles studio, Zhudio. “Better Recognize” not only captures the essence of their collective genius but also serves as an audacious testament to their position at the pinnacle of the music scene. The accompanying visualizer adds another layer to the experience, making this collaboration a must-listen for fans and a standout moment in both artists’ illustrious careers.

In regards to the collaboration, ZHU says,

In the midst of experimenting with new sounds and direction for a new project, I wanted to keep something consistent. Wax and I made a banger for the clubs.“

Wax continues,

It’s been a long time coming that ZHU and I were able to finally catch up in the studio and work together on music. After years of friendship, it was bound to happen but never forced. Better Recognize is the product of two friends coming together and actually making a product we are proud of and something not forced. I hope that everyone enjoys it.”

Steve Lawler, Aquarius Heaven – “The More I Love You”

Steve Lawler’s latest single, “The More I Love You,” featuring Aquarius Heaven, is a pulsating house gem that solidifies Lawler’s standing as a stalwart in the club scene. Released via Dirtybird Records, the track encapsulates Lawler’s signature underground aesthetic and rebellious spirit. The dynamic percussion and robust melodies create a hypnotic backdrop for Aquarius Heaven’s sensual vocals, marking a seamless fusion of Lawler’s production prowess and the distinctive vocal style of Aquarius. This Dirtybird debut, deeply rhythmic and instantly infectious, not only showcases Lawler’s refusal to conform to trends but also emphasizes the magic that arises from authentic collaborations. “The More I Love You” is a rebellious anthem that speaks to those who appreciate the uncharted territories of electronic music.

Pickle — “Stompin'”

Pickle takes an ambitious leap forward in its already illustrious career with the launch of its new imprint, brine records. Having garnered global acclaim and a spot on the Top 100 producers list, Pickle’s latest venture aims to capture the infectious rhythm of tech house intertwined with the nostalgic energy of 90s rave culture. The inaugural release, “Stompin’,” is a contemporary homage to the infamous Berlin-rave vibration, showcasing Pickle’s ability to fuse cutting-edge tech house with a nod to the golden era of raving. As the label promises to conserve dynamic music and make an indelible mark on the global music scene, the journey unfolds, providing a diversified platform for the Pickle sound.

TCTS, Ellenor — “Say No More”

TCTS, the UK artist-producer, unveils the sultry and irresistibly rhythmic single, “Say No More,” featuring the alluring vocals of Ellenor. With propulsive percussion and a subtle Latin flair, the track casts a seductive spell that seamlessly blends a feisty house beat with symphonic otherworldly sounds. Ellenor’s declaration of avoiding love and opting for fun sets the tone over a sugar-rush of hooks, culminating in the euphoric chorus that propels the track into dance-floor anthem territory. Falling somewhere between a club banger and a sexy tango, “Say No More” solidifies TCTS’s reputation for delivering thrilling crowd-pleasers, showcasing his massive potential and evolution as a top-tier house producer. As the track supercharges dance-floors, it leaves both fans and newcomers eagerly anticipating more from TCTS’s electrifying repertoire.

Hot Since 82, US Two, Paige Cavell — “Never Enough”

“Never Enough” by Hot Since 82, US Two, and Paige Cavell is a scintillating collaboration that seamlessly blends the talents of these three musical forces. Hot Since 82’s trademark deep house vibes set the foundation, while US Two’s production prowess and Paige Cavell’s emotive vocals elevate the track to new heights. The synergy between the artists is palpable, creating a dynamic sonic landscape that evolves throughout the song. With its pulsating beats, hypnotic melodies, and Cavell’s soulful delivery, “Never Enough” is a captivating journey into the heart of contemporary electronic music.

Max Styler — “Hypnotic”

Max Styler’s latest single, “Hypnotic,” is an intoxicating journey deep in the club. The track effortlessly showcases Styler’s production finesse with its infectious beats and a hypnotic melody that lives up to its name. “Hypnotic” not only solidifies Max Styler’s standing as a master of the craft but also promises to captivate audiences with its irresistible blend of rhythm and melody, making it a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts.

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