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Seismic Dance Event 6.0 Recap

by Nadia Khan
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Real Music Events has once again curated an electrifying spectacle with their boutique festival, Seismic Dance Event. The 6th edition of Seismic returned to Austin, TX at the Concourse Project last weekend, and it was probably my favorite one yet. The gathering has become a hallmark for electronic music aficionados, attracting a nation-wide audience seeking an immersive sonic journey.

From established maestros to emerging talents, each artist contributes a unique sonic tapestry, spanning genres including techno, house, trance, and experimental sounds. This deliberate curation ensures a continuous flow of diverse beats, allowing attendees to explore and indulge in their musical preferences across three carefully curated stages.



My favorite aspect of Seismic Dance Event is the overall theme: explore the underground. All three stages (Tsunami, Volcano, and The Realm) align with the concept of Earth’s underground vibrations, creating a narrative for the overall scene. The stages, meticulously designed to harmonize with the music, serve as temples where the marriage of sound and space is revered. The visuals at Seismic this year were pretty minimal, but I think the absence of sensory overload allowed people to really enjoy the music itself. However, there were plenty of lasers that bounced off the walls inside Volcano and glistened in the rain outside at Tsunami. 

There were experienced dancers on and off stage including a remarkable shuffling team, pole dancers, and artistic girls rehearsing fluid movements. There were also elevated surfaces and plenty of dance areas for attendees to enjoy. 

For this fall edition of Seismic, main stage was outside, permitting the line indoors to be less long than in previous years. The Realm stage was fully covered and in closer proximity to the rest of the happenings. These were both great amendments to Seismic last year, considering the wet-cold weather conditions. 

Seismic Dance Event 6.0

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event // Clark Terrell



Similar to previous years, Seismic had good photo opportunities with immersive art installations including light beam seesaws and uniquely painted shipping containers. The merch was sharp & trendy, but unfortunately, most items sold out quick.

The VIP experience looked enjoyable with massages, a private bar, and a elevated viewing area. The bars whipped up good drinks (aka – strong!) without much wait time. As always, there were multiple food vendors with warm, savory meals with vegan & vegetarian options. 

Seismic Dance Event 6.0

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event // Clark Terrell



The music was by far the best part about Seismic… obviously! T78 celebrated his performance in the capital of Texas by wearing a cowboy hat while mixing hard techno tracks. deadmau5 interacted with fans and even put on someone’s deadmau5 helmet. Kaskade moved the crowd into a nostalgic bliss as the night sky sprinkled with rain. Mau P captivated EDM enthusiasts with the best house bangers. Ranger Trucoo performed not one, but two sensational sets in one night. And lastly, probably my favorite set from the weekend, 999999999 vibrated the walls inside Volcano (literally felt like it was going to erupt). 

Seismic Dance Event 6.0

Courtesy of Seismic Dance Event // Bryan Gonzalez


As Seismic Dance Event 6.0 drew to a close, its echoes resonate long after the music fades. It’s only a matter of time until we embark on another transcendental journey with sonic frequencies through a stellar event put on by Real Music Events.


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