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5 Reasons to See Zhu on Tour

by Arad Javaheri
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Zhu is currently on tour following the release of Days Before Grace album.  As a long-time fan of Zhu, I’ve gathered 5 reasons why I continue to see Zhu live on tour.

1 – Fashion

Zhu’s merch is designed more as a fashion line than ordinary artist merch. Led by the creative direction of SAV (@Zhumerch_Sav), the fashion line is an extension of Zhu’s music. The color palette consists of black and orange, focusing on unique fabrics and the iconic Zhu logo. As you step into a Zho event, there is a sense of uniformity with everyone’s choice of clothing, each person with their unique style inspired by the same source. Zhu events are a safe space to push your fashion boundaries and try new things or if you’re more comfortable stick with your comfort boundaries and accessorize with a mix of black and orange.

2 – An Evolving Sound

I’ve been able to attend Zhu shows year after year and each time feels like a new experience. With each album, Zhu pushes the boundaries of his sound through new collaborations. A mix of rap and dance music collaborations with up-and-coming and established artists keep Zhu sets versatile which Zhu fully uses to his advantage throughout his set. One of my personal favorite releases has been the Studio 54 inspired sound of Zhudio54.

3 – Live Instruments

Saxiphone and guitar have been key parts of Zhu’s sound since the early days. Seeing the instruments being played live in person alongside the electronic sound is an amazing mix. On this tour Zhu even had a drummer inside his stage surrounded by a transparent LED wall. Each instruments had their solo moment on stage with a cheering crowd.

4 – Venue’s & Openers

Grace tour is supported by Channel Tres, Claptone, Hayden James, and Noizu who can sell out venues on their own. Getting to see these talented artists alongside Zhu is a big plus. This tour will hit some of the best venues across the country such as Minneapolis Armory Oct 16th, Red Rocks Nov 1st, Hollywood Palladium Nov 9+10th, and many more!




Zhu’s fan base best known as Zhumans is a vibrant community of fanatics. After years of attending Zhu shows and album release party I’ve made so many friends in the Zhuman community. Zhumans live in the present and the now, they are there to experience dance music at its best and surrounded by a community who enouges each other to express who they are on and off the dance floor.

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