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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Releases of the Week

Edition [10.6.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Stage Hoppers’ House Cat Hits returns for the first Friday of October! Bringing you some of the best house and techno from this week! This week we feature music from Bob Moses, HoneyLuv, Dom Dolla, and more! Get lost in the hypnotic beats and unforgettable tunes of House Cat Hits.

Bob Moses – “Round & Round”

Bob Moses returns with their electrifying new single, “Round & Round,” a euphoric anthem that pays tribute to the transformative power of shared musical experiences. With this festival-ready track, the GRAMMY® Award-winning duo once again demonstrates their exceptional talent for crafting immersive sonic landscapes that blend house music and left-field pop. Beginning with hypnotic beats and entrancing vocals, the song gradually builds to a pulsating crescendo illuminated by shimmering synths. “Round & Round” not only celebrates the communal spirit of dance music but also speaks to our collective yearning for catharsis and escape, making it an instant live favorite that encapsulates the essence of Bob Moses’ distinctive sound and their ability to transport listeners to another dimension.

Bob Moses shares:

This one is about those moments where you’re having the time of your life on the dance floor and you never want the night to end. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

HoneyLuv, NEZ – “Let’s Get Sexy”

Underground sensation HoneyLuv and Chicago’s very own NEZ ignite the dancefloor with “Let’s Get Sexy.” From the first beat, it’s impossible to resist the magnetic pull of this intoxicating blend of high-octane production and cheeky lyrics. With its pulsating basslines and irresistible four-on-the-floor rhythm, “Let’s Get Sexy” is a sonic aphrodisiac that leaves listeners yearning for an encore. HoneyLuv and NEZ have crafted a groovy masterpiece that’s unabashedly flirtatious and utterly irresistible, setting the stage for hopefully more collaborations to come.

In regards to the collab, HoneyLuv shares:

Absolutely loved working with this NEZ on this tune. It’s definitely one for the fashion world and has the sass and sexiness that fits perfectly on the runway.” 

NEZ adds:

I wanted to make a track that felt like something on a runway or make people feel good about themselves in the club. Once I spoke with HoneyLuv she was down and making a track with her was so much fun !!!” 

Mau P – “Dress Code”

Mau P drops his sultry track “Dress Code” that has already captivated audiences.. With its infectious rhythm and slick production, the song invites you to the center of the dance floor, encouraging you to strut your stuff and own the night. The smooth vocals and the irresistible groove of “Dress Code” make it a must-listen.

Dom Dolla – “Saving Up”

Dom Dolla’s latest single, “Saving Up,” is a spirited dancefloor anthem that oozes with infectious energy. With its irresistible groove and catchy hook, the track showcases Dom Dolla’s mastery of crafting electrifying house music. “Saving Up” is an essential for getting lost in its irresistible rhythm, making it a must-add to any party playlist.

Parcels – “Thefear – from Le Palace, Paris”

Parcels’ upcoming release, “Live Vol. 2,” promises to be a transcendental journey into the heart of their Berlin-inspired clubbing experiences. Following the success of their first live album, this new project captures the essence of their secret club gig in Paris, delivering a hypnotic audiovisual experience that beckons listeners to dance deep into the night. With twelve electrifying tracks, including five unreleased gems, “Live Vol. 2” showcases Parcels’ exceptional musicianship in a one-take performance, reaffirming their status as one of the most captivating and innovative bands on the scene today.

Court T. – Brain Deals [album]

Cour T.‘s debut album, Brain Deals, is a thrilling odyssey through the diverse soundscapes that have shaped his musical journey. From Dirtybird’s signature tech-house vibes to the tribal influences drawn from his Brazilian heritage, Cour T. masterfully blends these elements to craft a sonic tapestry that reflects his personal growth and evolution as an artist. With infectious tracks like ‘QUEENLOVE,’ ‘TRiPPPY,’ ‘2D5,’ and ‘TRiiiBAILE,’ the album is a mesmerizing journey through Cour T.’s hypnotic rhythms and effervescent melodies, offering a kaleidoscope of tech-house innovation that has already gained the support of industry tastemakers, including Mochakk and The Martinez Brothers

Creating an album is one of the highlights of an artist. It took me about four years to conceive all of it and reach enough maturity to compile stories and experiences into a musical artistic expression. Everything I have learned and have enjoyed listening to and playing, it all led to 10 months of work on the development of Brain Deals. This is a piece of me that I’ve decided to share with you all!” – Cour T.

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