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Cuzi evokes Retro Synthwave with “love, probably”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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The Miami-based artist cuzi. is on a mission to deliver his unique blend of neon synthwave soundscapes with catchy pop sensibilities. Through his music, cuzi. attempts to tackle the subjects of love, drugs, and cynicism with honest lyrics that are personally directed to his audience. With previous tracks like “/bloom,” “optimist/bloom,” and “Us” to initiate his journey, cuzi. is set to deliver his grandest project to date.

Love, probably” instantly immerses the listener into the ’80s aesthetic. The muffled intro filters up to a grand instrumental feature with soaring electric guitar, vibrant synths, and energetic percussion. The lively, instrumental atmosphere creates the perfect foundation for cuzi.‘s own vocals to ethereally glide over. In true cuzi. fashion, the infectious hook permeates through the sonic experience and leaves an imprint on listeners. There’s no doubt you’ll be singing that hook throughout the day.

In regards to “love, probably,” cuzi. says:

“We hear about it in songs, and see it in movies, that 1 in a million situation of the guy or girl meeting their soulmate at a party. They fall in love etc. “love, probably” is my own take on the standard pop formula. I want to flip this concept on its head and look at it through the lens of someone who has perhaps been to too many parties and fallen in love too many times. The lyrics, in contrast to the happy nature of the music paints a scene that we can all relate to: feeling lost and unhappy, when the world is telling you to smile and have fun. I knew from the very beginning that if i was going to write a pop track, that I would want to do it without any of the glam and instead tell the listener that its ok to feel the way you feel.”

Cuzi. continues with insight into his creative process for “love, probably“:

“My songwriting always starts the same: the main synth, the hook, and then I build from there . Line by line, instrument by instrument, until it all feels finished. Sometimes happy accidents can happen though, like in the case with the song’s guitar part. It’s a stereotype from the 80’s right? The soaring guitar solo that plays when the guy gets the girl or whatever?… or maybe I had just gotten a new guitar that week and really wanted to use it. I hope that all of you who listen to it will know that you don’t have to be happy, and nothing has to be perfect, for you to dance anyway. That’s life.”

“love, probably” by cuzi. was released on Friday, September 24th, 2021.

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