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Cuzi returns with reflective synth-pop release “On and on…”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Previously on the Stage Hoppers music blog, Miami-based cuzi delivered synthwave bliss with “love, probably.” Now, the rising artist returns with his latest release “On and on…” Infusing a lush synth-pop soundscape with indie pop playfulness, cuzi produces an irresistible jam. A breath of fresh air washes over the dreamy synth atmosphere filled with  energizing instrumentals, elegant vocals and, of course, elevated guitar solos.  “On and on…” continues this talented artist’s ascent through the ranks.

As cuzi continues to establish his signature, he tell us:

“I have many influences but I’m always exploring new sounds. My past songs have definitely shown lofi-pop and synthwave styles, but I wondered what if I infused indie pop into it all? This song features live drums, lots of guitars, and  happy hazy beach vibes. However, I didn’t want to stray too far from what defines my music. My style of vocals and lyrics as sort of a “cuzi stamp.”

Known for his alluring lyricism, cuzi shares: 

“The lyrics deal with us knowing we’re probably overdoing it, doing our best to fit in, to flow with the rest of the crowd. All the while noticing the silly things we do, the strange things we spend our money on. All for the name of clout, and even though we know a lot of it doesn’t make any sense, and we’d  rather be doing something else, we do it anyway. Even when we’re having a bad time, we keep going because “we’re not dead.”

“On and on…” by cuzi was released on Friday, July 1, 2022.

More about cuzi.

Blending neon synthwave soundscapes with catchy pop sensibilities, Miami-based artist cuzi. Attempts to tackle subjects of love, drugs and cynicism with honest lyrics that seem like they were written specifically for this listener.

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