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MATT DOE’s dominant track “Smoke” from G.A.S EP

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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The Canadian artist and producer Matt Doe is unquestionably true to himself and proves to his audience that it’s completely fine to let out their inner “weirdoe.” With a message of love, positivity, and good vibes, Matt aims to instill the importance of camaraderie and love through memorable moments for a new generation of fans.

Matt Doe’s latest release “Smoke” is part of his 2021 three-track EP entitled G.A.S. “Smoke” serves as the culmination of the EP, following “GAS” and “ASH.” The intricate details in the production embody the experience behind the bass music producer. Powerful synths and percussion deliver a controlled groove that allows the vocal samples to syncopate their way into the atmosphere. The rampant energy drives towards the drop and the gritty bass engulfs the listener as various melodic fragments command the attention of the listener. The eclectic energy behind “Smoke” indicates the passion and love that Matt Doe evokes in his music.

Regarding “Smoke,” Mat Doe says:

“I really got into 100% of my emotions while writing this song and it had been a while since I had this feeling. I could hear the track in my head before making it and the process was unbelievable fun! It felt like a really genuine theme that represents exactly who I am as a person.”

“Smoke” by Matt Doe was released on Friday, September 10th, 2021.

More about Matt Doe

Canadian DJ and producer Matt Doe has quickly made a name for himself in the bass scene with his unique sound design and his endless inspiration in the studio. With years of experience behind the booth, he has mastered the art of mixing and is sure to bring you on a journey with every set.

In February of 2019, Matt Doe self-released his first EP ‘Tremor’ which includes one of his biggest hits to date ‘Fire Penguin’. This track, and the rest of the music he released afterwards, quickly gained traction from fans and from many artists that have inspired his career in music. Currently, he has released on major labels including Subcarbon, Subsidia, BassRush, Dim Mak, Underdog Records and DSV Audio.​

Always pushing his boundaries in the studio and trying new things, he also aims to encourage others to do the same and to enjoy the process of creating. He strives to bring people together and spread positivity. With his drive and passion for envisioning and creating music, his high energy sets and his connection to his crowds, Matt Doe has made it clear that he is here to stay!

Social Links:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/mattdoemusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MATTDOEMUSIC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattdoemusic

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