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Embark on a Space Odyssey with Bass music Duo As_Is

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Electronic bass music duo As_Is’ latest EP, Departure, features pensive bass/dubstep track “Looking Within.”

Composed of members Aaron Schwallier and Ian McIntyre, the duo known as As_Is take listeners on an immersive, audio-visual journey through space and time. As_Is, whom established their roots in classical music, aim to deliver a fresh, yet oddly familiar sound in the bass music scene. Featuring “lush atmospheres, driving bass, and fiercely melodic sound,” the duo blends bass genres and allow listeners a release from their Earthly lives. The duo’s musical journey together began in 2018 and aim to take off in the music industry.

Looking Within” is the second track on the duo’s Departure EP, released on August 6th. The EP not only offers an array of bass sound design but also evokes the journey of the As_tronaut, “a lone human exploring the cosmos, searching for new adventure and meaning in their life.” The four tracks of the EP are each a chapter of the trek the As_tronaut endures.

In regards to “Looking Within,” the duo states:

“After much time in isolation, devoid of human contact , the hero closes their eyes and looks within themselves, searching for humanity in the void of space.”

Immediately, the listener is brought into a meditative state as a chant of Tibetan monks permeates the atmosphere. “Looking Within” takes the listener further and further down the rabbit hole with the space-like sound design of an other-worldly realm. The crisp trap drums ramp up the energy of voyage as the powerful bass collides with spacious soundscape. The gritty sound design explodes from the previously surreal atmosphere, however, As_Is allows the listener to venture back and forth between the two complimentary soundscapes.

The other tracks featured on the EP, “Departure,” Celestial Sea,” and “Endless Journey,” continue the voyage of As_tronaut delivering an impressive use of unique sound design. What can the listener expect from the rest of the EP? Well, here just a few characteristics: “sinister melodies,” “dreamy vocalscapes,” and “powerful synth melodies” that showcase the talent of these up and coming artists.

Enjoy “Looking Within” and the rest of the Departure EP by As_Is below! Released on August 6th, 2021.

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