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8 Sustainable Rave Brands You Have To Try

by Nadia Khan
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The market is growing for sustainable rave wear, and brands passionate about ethical fashion are taking steps in the right direction. Ravers can help support these eco-conscious brands, while expressing their individuality and promoting a more sustainable and responsible party culture. We’re sharing some of our favorite brands, and by supporting their business with your dollar, you’re taking a stand against big corporations practicing fast fashion.

Spirit Hoods

Spirit Hoods designs clothing made from 100% faux fur and donates 10% of net profits to the conservation of endangered animals and their habitat. They actively work with nonprofits and have gained recognition from PETA, Vogue, Thrillist, and more. 

Although they’re best known for their fake fur coats at winter festivals, they’ve recently introduced a summer line with bucket hats, bodysuits, and joggers for those chilly summer nights.


Freedom Rave Wear

Freedom Rave Wear sells adorable rave clothing, but did you know, half of their products are made on recycled materials? Their U.S. based manufacturing is laser focused on creating products that last as long as possible. They don’t believe in making clothes that fall apart, so they offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty on all their products. 

Previously, they’ve printed for other brands, so they don’t have to use global supply chains that increase the environmental impact to restock. FRW also uses a tagless printing machine, reducing the need for more paper/plastic. 

Love Khaos

This brand has festive pieces for both men and women, but they are more than a festival clothing store—they strive to be a vehicle for positive change. Love Khaos is a Certified B Corporation, meaning they are verified for using business as a force for good as well as 1% for the Planet Member, meaning they donate 1% of sales to environmental organizations. They also purchase carbon offsets and have multiple negative carbon impact certifications. 


Rave Bae Couture

Rave Bae Couture not only has the cutest bodysuits, tops & bottoms, but they also have partnered with the charity One Tree Planted. Every time you order something from Rave Bae Couture, you also fund the planting of 1 tree! One Tree Planed is a 501C3 non-profit with a focus on global reforestation. 

As an environmental charity, One Tree Planted is dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. 


True Colours

Another brand that’s contributing to the sustainable fashion movement is Tru Colours. They make a small number of ready to ship items to keep up with demand, while still offering made to order items to avoid producing more stock than they need. Most of their fabrics are print-to-order fabrics, meaning they only print & order what they need to complete your outfit! The factory uses environmentally friendly inks and uses up to 70% less water than other printing companies.

Each of their pieces are high quality and made to last, so you can re-wear your items or hand them down for many others to enjoy. Lastly, True Colours also keeps scrap pieces bigger than 7 inches to make specialty patchwork pieces (available by custom order), which means less textiles making their way to the bin.


Wild Thing

Wild Thing offers an entire list of sustainable collections.  Their “Locally Made” collection helps sustain jobs in the community by supporting local talent, which leads to  a lower carbon footprint. Their “Small Scale Production” line helps reduce excess stock & quantities that can be met from demand. Small scale usually means handmade, and also less likely to be caught matching someone! Their other sustainable collections on their site include “Carbon Neutral”, “Recycled”, “Zero Waste”, “One of a Kind”, and more.

Wild Thing has also instilled the “one tree planted” initiative – planting one tree for every order they receive. 

Little Black Diamond

Little Black Diamond practices ethical fashion, meaning they produce their clothing with conscious efforts, doing their part to honor Mother Earth and all the wonderful people who are making your LBD looks. They produce their clothing in small production runs so that there is never an excess of clothing, while also using their scrap materials to produce new items, such as pasties. They claim the people making their clothes to work in clean, safe conditions, are paid a living wage and receive sick days, time off and holidays. 

LBD has also introduced “made to order” for some garments, which reduces their impact on the planet even further. Made to order items directly support the independent artists and designers, while ensuring there is no extra waste in producing the clothing or accessories. LBD shares lookbooks on their page, giving you the most stylish ideas for every season. 


EcoStardust is an award-winning business recognized by the press including MTV, The Guardian, Business Insider, and more for selling a plant based alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. EcoStardust was launched in April 2017 and is an eco-conscious company selling biodegradable glitter made from a plant cellulose, derived predominantly from non-GMO sustainably farmed Eucalyptus Trees. Their products contain glitter that biodegrades in the natural environment within weeks. They are vegan certified and never test on animals with a mission to #GlitterWithoutTheLitter. 

“We believe all businesses have a social responsibility to limit their impact on the environment and to promote good causes. While we are starting out and not perfect yet we are striving to have as positive an impact as we can on the environment, those we work with and our customers. We are committed to promoting awareness of environmental causes and the pollution of the seas (as we are a bunch of mermaids this is especially important to us).”


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