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Top 7 Trends for Festivals this Fall

by Nadia Khan
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Fall is here and so are some of the best festivals of the season including Freaky Deaky, Dancefestopia, Nocturnal Wonderland, Wakaan, Lost Lands, and more. There’s trendy fits for all sorts of styles. Whether you’re going for a trippy, edgy, spacey, or fairytale-like look, we’ve got some inspo for you. Don’t miss out on these fall favorites and be sure to take a peak at the best rave apparel stores to plan your next fit.


Top 7 Trends for Festivals this Fall


#1 Flames & chains

Flames are in! Show off your fiery look and add some chains for a little edge. The flame pattern is everywhere in the rave wardrobe. You can stick with the basic red/yellow flame or even spice it up with some neon colors. Head to iHeartRaves to get some inspo as they have a whole section for flame prints.

Sunset Music Festival

Lost Lands

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival

#2 Reflective

Reflective wear may be flashy to some, but they make for bada$$ pictures. Pair leg or waist harnesses, a jacket, bucket hat, or a mask to compliment your fit. Rave Wonderland has plenty of options to light up your night.

Electric Daisy Carnival

#3 Space cowgirl/boy

Now this one is super fun. Piece together chaps, cow print, a bandanna, and of course…a hat. Add some face jewels or glitter for a spacey vibe. If you’re really going for it, add some fringe pieces as well. Be sure to check out Amazon’s holographic hats.

Electric Daisy Carnival


#4 Blackout

An all-black outfit is sleek, stylish, and will always be around…especially in the fall. Throw on a black top and pair of bottoms, spice it up with some fishnets, a cool pair of shades, or a pash and you’re all set. 


Freaky Deaky

HARD Summer

#5 Mini skirts

Short skirts have made a comeback and actually super comfy (they also make your bum look good)! They’re fashionable and there’s so many different styles/materials to fit your personality. Mesh, fishnet, or vinyl skirts are all cute, but ruched skirts are very popular right now. Dolls Kill has a whole section for rave skirts with different patterns & designs for a unique fit.


Hard Summer

Forbidden Kingdom

#6 Buckles

Buckles are simple, but can look super cool and are a perfect addition to any fall festival outfit. For the guys, strap on a vest. For the girls, clip on an underboob top and accessorize. 

Project Z



Project Z

#7 Matching jerseys with rave bae

For the comfy bassheads out there, this one’s for you. Snuggle up in a jersey this fall with your rave bae while supporting your favorite artist. Jerseys & merch can sell out quick, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter on the artist’s site.

Rezz Rocks


Lost Lands


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