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6 Affordable Beginner Flow Toys

by Nadia Khan
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The vibrant colors and palpable sense of enchantment make flow toys an allure at festivals. They captivate the hearts of festival-goers as they create an otherworldly ambiance.

Flow toys are an array of skill-based performance props that have gained immense popularity in festival culture. These captivating objects include poi, hula hoops, staffs, and many others. The movement with flow toys brings us to a “flow-state-of-mind,” referring to the mental state of complete immersion and focus, where one is fully absorbed in an activity, feeling a sense of energized focus and enjoying the process without worrying about the outcome. The rhythmic motions, combined with focused attention, create a meditative flow that brings a sense of tranquility and serenity to both the performer and those watching. 

Flow arts are a canvas for creative expression. Each performer develops their unique style, infusing their dance with their personality and emotions. They’re also a catalyst for connection as they have the ability to bring people together and foster a strong sense of community at festivals. 

As the sun sets and the festival grounds transform into a mesmerizing display of light and color, take a moment to immerse yourself in the flow. There is a relentless pursuit of mastery through practice and dedication. Flow artists invest countless hours honing their skills, exploring new moves, and pushing their boundaries. For those just getting into flow, here’s 6 beginner flow toys anyone can pick up and become proficient in no time. 


Loop lasso

It took me a minute to get used to a loop lasso. It can be hard to operate at first, especially when it’s windy outdoors, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an entertaining beginner flow toy. The handheld device has a motor that powers a string to float in mid-air, defying gravity and creating a captivating visual spectacle. Flowing with the loop lasso is visually pleasing during the day, but with its built in UV bluelight, it’s even more mesmerizing at night, maybe enough to melt people’s faces!

You may play with the loop lasso on your own, or create unique illusions with others, maybe even forming a “portal” for the other person to slide their string into. Be careful though, these guys can get tangled super easily, so practice a bit first, and be sure you charge it the night before, so you can appreciate its full capacity. 


How do you make an amazing festival moment even better? Bring your Loop Lasso 🌧️🎆⚡️ Even in the rain, the Loop Lasso works like a charm! Can’t wait for everyone to bring more of this magic to music festivals around the world 🔊💃🌎 #looplasso

♬ original sound – looplasso


Flow ring

Flow rings are small and collapsable, making it a great travel flow toy for any occasion. They’re easy to use and fun to fidget with, especially when you transfer it to friends by holding hands. Although there’s not a whole lot you can do with it, flow rings are a sensory toy to ease anxiety and feel nice gliding on your arm. 


Flow rings are grounding

♬ original sound – Athens


Silk fans

Silk fans are elegant and mesmerizing, regardless of your skill level. This delightful flow toy is beautiful in any setting, but is especially eye-catching during the day at an outdoor festival. The best thing about silk fans is that they come in all colors and styles! My personal favorite are the rainbow silk fans with the gorgeous color spectrum spanning the width of the silk all the way from the fan to the silk ends. 


I miss the Lost Lands vibes 🥺💖 #fypシ #goofy #lostlands #lostlandsfestival #edmtiktok #ravefam #flowarts #silkfans #veilfans

♬ Smoked out Phonk – TREVASPURA


Levi Wand

With the levitation wand, you can do tricks like bouncing, spinning, and more. Made out of translucent polycarbonate tubing, this flow tow was designed to allow for the perfect balance. If you need to add some weight, try adding a washer or two. Levi wands have hundreds of color modes, from solid colors to animated patterns, so you can dance freely while hypnotizing your fellow ravers.


This grl got the same wand as me for xmas but hers had weighted end caps & i immediately ordered some bc omg it improved my flow SO MUCH #rave #raver #plur #flow #flowtok #leviwand #edm #festival #flowmies #headbanger #cluntdown #decadence #hijinx #ravetok #ravefashion



Spinning cloth

Beware… spinning cloths are super addicting! You can find these in all sorts of unique designs and different sizes. The smaller the size, the easier the spinning. Once you start spinning, you can begin to toss it, twist it and vibe out with it. You can do individual tricks or pass it among friends, creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Although this is a beginner flow toy, it can become an endless challenge, which makes them so fascinating. Some cloths are UV reactive, so they’re eye-catching day and night.  


@TroyBoi sunset flowin🤩 Outfit from @Rave Circus was so comfy&cute all night😍 thank youuu💕 #globaldance #globaldancefestival #edm #troyboi #blacklight #flowstar #spinflowstar

♬ original sound – payton🧚🏼‍♀️


Sensory Rainbow Twirlers

These “flow toys” are absolutely effortless, but they are admired at festivals. The spinning motion and reflection of colors on twirlers create pleasing illusions. Hand them out or walk around with them in your hand, and you’d be surprised how many people will want to interact with it.


no filters on the video btw!

♬ original sound – Gluecosebaby

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