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TVBOO releases full-length album ‘Blue Collar Bass’ via WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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TVBOO releases his first full-length album Blue Collar Bass: By the People, For the People, out now via WAKAAN. The 15-track LP proudly shows the producer’s comedic personality while also highlighting his fine-tuned artistry. The debut album proves his versatility by infusing an array of styles from hip-hop, trap, bass, and more. A mixture of lively characteristics, melodic and harmonic explorations, and unrelenting bass adorn the LP, with TVBOO demonstrating his production prowess. Blue Collar Bass also displays stellar collaborations with Wreckno and hip-hop artists such as Big Baby Scumbag, CoJaxx, and more. The vast project presents TVBOO in true form; “by the people, for the people.”

TVBOO shares:

“​​With this album, I felt like I had to prove to myself and to everyone else that I was a serious producer. Most songs I’ve put out have been goofy, funny, and inappropriate. I love that, but I also wanted to show a more serious, mature side of me. I felt like with a full length album I had more freedom to make songs I normally wouldn’t put out as singles or EPs. It was my first time working with singers, musicians, and collaborating with multiple producers for one project. It was a lot of work, but was one of the most rewarding ventures I’ve ever had. This is for the people. This is Blue Collar Bass.”

With the album release, TVBOO continues his debut nationwide headline tour. The Blue Collar Bass tour also features friends and labelmates Ahee and Toadface on select dates, while TVBOO also performs at WAKAAN Music Festival, Freaky Deaky TX, and more TBA. 

More About TVBOO

Emerging from Jackson, Mississippi with a personality larger than an eighteen wheeler dump truck, comes TVBOO, pronounced “taboo.” Mitch Draper, known as TVBOO, is quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the bass scene. His ability to weave distorted sounds through incredibly unique basslines, accompanied by infamous vocal samples, are just a few of the elements that make him unique. His shows are curated with high energy sets that are guaranteed to have the crowd moving on their feet from start to finish.



His growing success is undeniable, as seen from his co-headlining tour with DMVU, the “Eat My Sass” Tour. Accompanied by the success of his releases “Wook Worm,” “Skrawberries,” “Got Dat” and “Eat My Sass,” along with his collaboration resume with some of the biggest artists in the scene, TVBOO will continue to make waves in the bass music world.

If you only follow TVBOO for his growing discography, you are depriving yourself of understanding his complete experience. Like a shot of the strongest espresso you can find, Mitch’s podcast, “TVLKS with TVBOO,” is a straight punch of hilarity, chaos, mild takes, and entertaining guests all strung together with his outspoken southern personality, embodying his New Orleans hometown. His most recent guests include GRiZ, Big Gigantic, NotLo, Manic Focus, A Hundred Drums, and more.

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