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GRiZ releases ‘Chasing The Golden Hour Pt. 4’

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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GRiZ releases brand new album Chasing The Golden Hour Pt. 4. The nine-track collection finds GRiZ leaning heavily into his funk roots. In comparison to his bass music works, the Chasing The Golden Hour series serves as a canvas for jazz and blues with his modern electronic flair. The stripped back atmospheres allow for the vibrant keys and playful melodies to shine. 

Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 4 opens with “Mystik Dub,” in which GRiZ sets the tone for the funk-filled sonic journey. “Your Light,” released earlier this month, revels in glistening guitar riffs and a sun-soaked atmosphere. Next, GRiZ delivers a saxophone solo over an infectious groove in “Keep Bouncin.” Joined both on and off-stage by hip-hop collaborator Prob Cause and vocalist Chrishira, GRiZ enlists the pair for “Airplane Mode,” marking the only features on the project.  Both “Carry On” and “Gooey” exude euphoria with contrasting styles while “On A High” and “Your Mind” shine with grounded soulful qualities. Lastly, GRiZ embarks with an illustrious slow-burn “Sundown” to bring the album to a close. Chasing The Golden Hour 4 is a beautiful amalgamation of GRiZ’s intricate instrumentation and optimistic messaging.



Chasing The Golden Hour 4 arrives ahead of GRiZ’s anticipated second annual Another World and Space Camp events and festival appearances at Decadence, Lights All Night, HiJinx, and Dusk Music Festival this fall. 

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