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“Turn It Up” with Louis Futon, off forthcoming LP + Zoned Out Vol. 3 mixtape

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Louis Futon’s latest track “Turn It Up,”exudes soulful R&B energy with singer Lavance Colley. The Philadelphia-born, LA-based experimental producer drops this funk and soul-infused track as the third single off his upcoming sophomore LP, Couchsurfing, which will be released on Friday, November 12, 2021.

The musical creativity and connectivity of Futon and Colley  shines through this magical track. In the true spirit of jazz, soul, and funk, “Turn It Up” was born through their spontaneous first jam session. The improvisational energy from their first session led to their incredible first studio song together. Louis Futon says:

I first heard Lavance Colley sing at a jam session we both played at. I was absolutely blown away by his voice, and wanted to work with him immediately. He came to my house and we wrote/recorded this song in about an hour. Without a doubt, it was some of the most electrifying energy I’ve ever felt in a studio session.”

Futon and Colley deliver a sleek, contemporary approach for this funk inspired track. With Futon’s instrumental and production prowess in sync with Colley’s immense vocal presence, “Turn It Up” is marked by masterful elements. The musical aesthetic of the forthcoming Couchsurfing surfaces in this track as well as the three other tracks released by Louis Futon: “Ron Burgundy,” “Amoeba,” and “Re-Up” with Armani White.

Louis Futon has also kept busy with the unveiling of Zoned Out Vol 3, which marks the his first original mix since 2017. This third edition of the Zoned Out series features unreleased materials from Couchsurfing as well as never-before-heard remixes and edits. The futuristic graphic artists FVCKRENDER delivered world-class artwork for the eclectic mixtape, as well as artwork for the previous volumes. If you haven’t checked out “Turn It Up” or Zoned Out Vol. 3, you don’t know what you are missing from Louis Futon!

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