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“Togetherness”— LP Giobbi x hermixalot + Femme House Compilation (Insomniac Records)

LP Giobbi presents a brand new house music compilation released via Insomniac RecordsFemme House features true house music bliss with tracks by Coco& Breezy, Masha Mar, HoneyLuv, VNSSA, and many more! LP Giobbi and hermixalot also collaborate for the release with their own musically rich and uplifting house anthem titled “Togetherness.”

“State Of Mind” — Bingo Players x Sarah de Warren

Netherlands-based DJ and production duo Bingo Players team up with vocalist and songwriter Sarah de Warren for “State of Mind.” The acid house blaster features the quintessential synth sound of the genre with tonal and timbral fluctuations. Sarah de Warren’s breathy and enticing vocals add an eerie quality to the dance floor atmosphere that will grasp audiences.

“A2C2I2D” — G Jones

G Jones dropped his second single from his forthcoming EP Acid Disk 2. The enigmatic producer delivers an heavily abrasive acid infused track that results inA2C2I2D.” The flow from absolute sonic chaos to crisp breakbeats builds the tension and release cycle of the single that will have audiences’ jaws dropped.

“Always Do” — Above & Beyond x Mat Zo

Above & Beyond and Mat Zo release their long awaited Group Therapy ID titled “Always Do.” The theme for this week seems to be “acid,” as the collaborative project intertwines acid synth elements into a nostalgic progressive house track. “Always Do” weaves the listener through spectral textures and atmospheric arrangements for a dark sonic experience.

“Puzzle Box” — Rezz x Subtronics

Two of the most notable bass music acts collaborate on a perfect semblance of their individual sound designs. “Puzzle Box” fuses the monstrous and sinister bass of Rezz with the wonky and hard-hitting dubstep of Subtronics. Certainly a haunting and edgy single that will grace their live sets.

“Something About” — CRi

Canadian artist CRi releases latest single “Something About.” Through a two word vocal hook, a blissful dance track emerges with euphoric simplicity. There’s “Something About” it that makes you just wanna lose yourself in dance with this upbeat single gliding into the weekend.

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