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Spotify Testing Tiktok Style Feed Called Discover

by Arad Javaheri
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2020 to 2021 has been dominated by Tiktok. Gaining popularity throughout the pandemic with a unique algorithm that allowed many new content creators to become mega-viral quicker than ever. It didn’t take long for the music industry to see the benefits of the overnight success a viral TikTok trend can give to a song. Artists and their teams got to work creating TikTok content and adding TikTok influencers to their marketing budget. Other social media apps like Instagram were blinded sided by the fast growth of Tiktok and began working on their own copy known as Reels. Even Netflix joined the For You Page style algorithm with the introduction of Cuts on their mobile app. Now the top music streaming app Spotify will be creating its own For You Page called Discover

Where to find Spotify Discover? 

A fourth tab will be added to the bottom of your screen where Discover will find its home between the Home and Search icons. When clicked on you will see a rotating set of vertical videos much like your For You Page or Instagram Reels.


What content will Spotify Discover be showing? 

Spotify Discover will be using the canvas video of a song with sound to showcase the song to new listeners. Canvas is the looping video you see when a song is playing. Listenres will be able to like the song and add to playlists directly from Discover.

What does Spotify Discover mean for artists? 

One of Spotify’s best features is the amazing algorithm used for Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists. These playlists give artists an opportunity to gain new streams and listeners week after week. Spotify Discover will only add to this feature with another means of gaining fans and streams. RAVE ESSENTIALS

How to get my song on Spotify Discover? 

Currently, to get your music on Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists you need a popularity index score of 20% and 30%. Although no information has been provided by Spotify we can assume a minimum of 20% to 30% popularity score may be needed for a song to be featured on Spotify Discover.

When will Spotify Discover be available? 

The full rollout of Spotify Discover is yet to be announced.


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