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Favorite EDM Mixes from 2021

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Fellow Stagehoppers, 2021 has been nothing short of a wild year. With the return of live events and festivals, we look forward towards the New Year in hopes of moving forward. In order to kickstart our celebration of 2022, Stagehoppers will be bringing you new featured articles. From house to dubstep, to workout mixes and party mixes, we will be giving you our thoughts on some of the best mixes to come out of 2021.

For this first feature, let’s take a look at some at our Favorite EDM Mixes from 2021. Not genre specific, just the perfect vibes for your next jam or party!

Vibes Mix Vol. 9 – Kap Slap

First on the list, one of my personal favorites, we have Kap Slap’s Vibes Mix Volume 9. In essence, this mix is filled primarily with house tracks but contains an eclectic mix of instantly recognizable pop, dance, and house hits. Bright, uplifting energy with evolving climaxes and subtle breaks allow for a beautiful flow to the mix. The seamless transitions, long builds, and remixes of classic bops perfectly fit the aesthetic of this mix. Expect to find a mixture of tropical, bass, progressive, and even disco house, perfect for your next party!

LickMix Vol 2. Feat. DJ Hova, Angelo The Kid & DJ B – DJ Press Play

The popular instagram page Friday Beers and their personal “aux master” DJ Press Play have taken the mix world by storm with this years of LickMix series. Volume 1 was outstanding and they took a step in the right direction with Volume 2. With the help of DJ Hova, Angelo The Kid, and DJ B, volume 2 features bangers from across the genre pool. Heavy drops, classic hits, rock, pop, bass, edm… what more can you ask for! Perfect hype for a huge party to close out your year, or simply having a crazy car ride!

Nightcub (Continuous Mix) – White Panda

Although not strictly EDM, White Panda does not disappoint with this hour long mix of 39 different mash-ups. The Nightcub (Continuous Mix) features an array of hits from artist like Tiesto, MC Hammer, Eminem, Avicci, ABBA, Kygo, and countless others. The eclectic mix offers perfect transitions from one mash-up to the next, keeping the party going without skipping a beat!  The Nightcub (Continous Mix) even has something your non-EDM friends will enjoy, if you even have those.

Summer Mix 2021 – Audien

Although summer 2021 is long gone, this mix by Grammy nominated DJ, producer, and musician Audien holds firm in my heart. The uplifting vibes from the melodic progressive dance/house music fits every occasion. Whether your driving down the coast, pregaming with your best friends, partying until the sun comes up, or simply jamming in your room alone, this summer mix will put a smile on your face.

Big Bootie Mix Vol. 20 – Two Friends

Last, but certainly not least, on our first mix series list is Big Bootie Mix Volume 20. If you haven’t heard of Two Friends and their Big Bootie Mix series, what are you doing?!?! The epitome of mashups, upon mashups, upon mashups, is this mix series. With their 20th edition of the popular mix series, the duo known as Two Friends continues to put their energetic, and immensely fun twist on electronic dance music with classic hits from rock, pop, hip-hop, Spanish, and even country music. Be sure to check out their other volumes, and if so, which is your favorite?

Stay tuned for more content on some of the best house, dubstep, workout, and many more mixes as we hop into 2022!

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