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Qlank reveals heavy bass house EP “Toolbox”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Qlank releases powerful bass house EP entitled Toolbox with In / Rotation, a sub-label of Insomniac Records.

The LA-based and Detroit-bred house artist, known as Qlank, offers a unique fusion of bass heavy sounds with traditional house elements. This Icon Collective graduate has released with labels such as In / Rotation, Box of Cats, Noir Sur Blanc, World Famous Headquarters, Bite This, Night Bass, Spinnin Records, and Confession, all while delivering his music on a tremendous scope. Qlank’s latest sound, which is apparent in his Toolbox EP, features influence from the dark and industrial side of bass music.

Qlank made his return to In / Rotation with the heavy club destroyer “Freaky,” released on August 17th, 2021. Now, he completes his Toolbox EP with the addition of three new solo tracks, released with the Insomniac Records sub-label. “Freaky” serves as the intro to the EP, opening the door of the dark house atmosphere of Qlank. “Badd” follows with haunting sound design accompanying the resonant bass and house groove. The dissonant descending motifs in “Badd” introduce the eerie quality that emerges through mid-range synths in “Chai Tea.” The synths of “Chai Tea” transport various iterations of a four-note motif over the bass house vibe. Without skipping a beat “Chai Tea” flows immediately into “Drip,” which highlights the use of vocals and creative samples to give the illusion of dripping water. However, the perfectly sculpted drop offers the culmination of Qlank’s edgy fusion of bass and house music. Each track featured on Toolbox can serve as a standalone testament to the talent of Qlank, an artist you want to keep your eye on.

Qlank’s Toolbox Ep was released on Wednesday, September 15th, via In / Rotation (Insomniac Records).

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