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Imagine Festival 2021 Cancelled

by Arad Javaheri
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Imagine Festival has announced its cancellation as tropical storm Nicholas causes rainfall over Atlanta. Rain and thunder are expected every day for the next week.

“our public safety team, nationally acclaimed meteorologists, local authorities, and out team of experienced directors have determined severe weather for Chattahoochee Hills is imminent and will cause extremely hazardous conditions that are unsafe for guests and staff.” Check out the full statement from Imagine Festival below.

This year Imagine changed venues to Bouckaert Farms, the former site of Tomorrow World.  For seasoned ravers who remember the disaster of TomorrowWorld 2015 may have a better idea of how uncontrollable this beautiful venue can get. In 2015 rain turned the venue into a mud pit causing the cancellation of the event and thousands of attendees to walk miles in mud and darkness to reach Ubers and shuttles.  Only two weeks ago Bonnaroo, held in Tennessee, was also canceled due to weather.

TomorrowWorld 2015

TomorrowWorld 2015

TomorrowWorld 2015

As painful as festival cancellations can be, it will only be worse to be stuck in a nightmare situation at a festival ground. Thousands of cars stuck in the mud unable to move is not a pleasant situation. Help will not come fast and with no protection against the weather life threatening situations can happen. We hope to see everyone under the sunshine at Imagine Festival 2022!


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