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Burning Man 2021 Renegade Year Best Outfits

by Arad Javaheri
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In April 2021 Burning Man announced the cancellation of its 2021 edition.  With both 2020 and 2021 chapters canceled due to covid, Burners from around the country gathered at Black Rock City to host their own mini Burning Man.

If other large scale festivals are happening this year, why was Burning Man canceled? Burning Man is much different than your typical multi-stage event. a 7 square mile city of 70,000 attendees is built every year making it the 10th biggest city in Nevada for one week. Hundreds of art installations from all around the world are built each year ranging in size from small swing sets to Boeing 747 plane stage. It takes teams of artists hundreds of hours to put these pieces together and transport them to Black Rock City and with the pandemic’s unpredictable nature the organizers thought it would be best to make a strong 2022 return.

Bruners from around the country didn’t let the announcement stop them from reuniting in the desert. No laws were broken as the Black Rock Desert is open to the public and managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  Burning Man organizers urged all attendees to follow usual guidelines set by the festival and understand their impact and leave no trace. No art installations were available this year but attendees set up stages to dance from dusk till dawn. The annual burning of the man was exchanged with a drone show as burners from around the globe count down the days till the 2022 chapter.

Check out some of our favorite outfits from the 2021 Renegade Burning Man.


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