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Martin Garrix’s Story Behind ‘Scared to Be Lonely’

by Arad Javaheri
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Martin Garrix has been on top of the industry ever since his hit 2013 release Animals. At the age of 17, Animals made Garrix the youngest ever DJ to hold the number one spot on the Beatport charts for four consecutive weeks. Every year since Garrix has never failed to give us chart-topping hits. Scared to Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa has been a perfect example of Garrix’s ability to make a hit festival track that can appeal to the mainstream radio audience as well.

How did your song with Dua Lipa come about?

“I had a chord progression and lyrics and sent it to dua lipa after speaking with the label. I told the label I would love to work with Dua if she is down to be on an electronic record. Dua was down and recorded it and sent me the vocals. I went back to the studio and put everything together, sent it to her for some feedback. Lots of sending back and forth and finally we got the song.”

How long was it from start to finish?

“This time I think I ended on version 42.”

Did you write the lyrics yourself?

“We received the lyrics from a writer and I thought it was a great idea to have Dua on it.”

Do you have fun putting everything together?

“So much fun. I love being in the studio and making music. I like to zone out and have fun in the studio.”

Being the #1 DJ in the world and everyone wanting to work with you, how do you handle all the attention?

“It’s very weird I really try to balance my personal life and the Garrix life. I just had a month off where I went home to hang with my parents and friends. For me enjoying my downtime and working on music is important to me.”

Which Garrix track do you love the most?!

View the full video interview below!

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