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Las Vegas Votes in Favor of New Mask Mandate

by Arad Javaheri
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As the number of new covid cases rise across the country due to the delta variant, Clark County Commission held an emergency meeting Tuesday 7/20/21 and voted in favor of a new mask mandate.

In order to protect tourism, Las Vegas officials decided against imposing a mask mandate for tourists on the strip. Employees will be required to wear masks indoors in places like bars, clubs, and malls.  Employees working in cubicles will not be required to wear a mask but will have to wear a mask when out in public.

Are concert and club events canceled in Las Vegas? No news regarding the cancellation or closure of events and clubs has been announced. So far the mandate only requires employees of the facilities to wear masks.

The new mandate will take effect Thursday, July 22, and will remain in effect till Aug. 17 when the commission will reassess.

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