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Kloud’s Dark, Raw, Industrial Show in Los Angeles

by Arad Javaheri
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Entering through the doors of The Vermont Hollywood venue we were met with a high-energy dark atmosphere curated perfectly to KLOUD’s signature style. Red lights covered the entire venue as masked dancers in black suits met us at the entrance of the dance floor giving the experience an artistic feel. The stage production was everything you would need to experience Kloud at his best, three LED walls projected KLOUD’s immerse visuals with a light and laser show that will keep your eyes glued to the stage.

This was my first time at The Vermont venue and I really enjoyed my time there. For the first time at a Hollywood venue, we were able to find free parking right across the street from the venue with plenty of spots available for concert-goers. Getting into the venue was quick and easy with friendly staff greeting us that the door and a nice outside area with a bar to hang out with your friends before heading to the dance floor.

This event was the first of HIVE, an experiential live event saga presented by KLOUD and Artist Mafia. If you like to experience HIVE’s dark, raw, industrial shows click here to keep up with their future events. Artist Mafia is a record label and events producer with recent releases with UMBRA and events with Elephante. Click here to keep up with Artist Mafia’s future releases and events.

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