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Kandi Kids NFT EDM Collection Launching Jan 14th

by Arad Javaheri
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Kandi Kids NFT EDM collection is set to bring the rave community together through digital art. This marks the beginning of NFT Live Music Project that helps drive Web3 adoption within the electronic music world and also educates attendees about the importance and potential of this technology. Kandi Kids aim to provide a new way for festivals and events to operate and interact with their fanbases, using NFTs to power their vision.

What are Kandi Kids? 

Kandi Kids NFT are a tokenized gated membership – ownership of this NFT will grant holders access to
a whole new world of private & exclusive curated experiences in the electronic music world. Experiences will include private parties in different cities, popup events, exclusive experiences at major music festivals such as Kandi Kid Lounges, intimate interactions with some of your favorite artists, and many more benefits to come.

The Kandi Kid team consists of international touring DJ Bear Grillz, DJ/Producer MVSE, and veteran concert producers with a taste for throwing experience-driven events. By leveraging their deep network of music industry contacts, Kandi Kid will continue to expand the benefits that will be offered to the community.


(RJ / aka Bear Grillz – Co-Founder of Kandi Kids)
– “When we founded Kandi Kids, our goal was to introduce the power of NFT technology into Electronic
Dance Music. I’m happy to announce that in such a short amount of time we have become the official NFT
partner for Decadence Arizona. This will be the first of many partnerships to come after our public sale on
January 14th, 2022. After the sale, our mission is to create a whole universe for our holders. A universe
that grants access to partner festivals as well as our own real life events in the electronic music world. This
is just the beginning.”

(MVSE / aka Martin Nguyen – Co-Founder & Head of Strategy/Ops for Kandi Kids)
– “What I’m truly excited about in Kandi Kids’ upcoming launch is to bridge the gap to Web3 for many
people, as this is often their first NFT experience. To understand why you’d want to own a Kandi Kid NFT, it
requires surprisingly minimal knowledge as to what NFTs are, and instead focuses more on the actual
utility of the project. We believe that this utility-first mindset is what will ultimately bring Web3/NFT to
the masses, allowing people to leverage the technology intuitively rather than for speculative reasons.”.

When/Where can you buy a Kandi Kid?

A limited number of Kandi Kids will be available on January 14, 2022 at 10:01 am PDT. To reserve a guaranteed spot in our limited Private Presale, join the discord channel, and mention that you heard of Kandi Kids from STAGE HOPPERS.

Website: KandiKids.io
Twitter: @KandiKidsNFT 
Instagram: @KandiKidsNFT 

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