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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Releases of the Week

Edition [10.27.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Tiësto, Tears For Fears, NIKO X SWARE – “Rule The World (Everybody)”

Tiësto, the Grammy® Award-winning electronic music legend, joins forces with Tears for Fears, NIIKO X SWAE, and GUDFELLA to unleash their electrifying new single, “Rule the World (Everybody).” This dynamic collaboration breathes fresh life into Tears for Fears’ iconic 1985 classic, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” which originally gained fame as an unofficial dance version on SoundCloud. Tiësto’s magic touch has transformed this synth-pop gem into a high-octane banger that’s sure to ignite dancefloors for months to come. The track’s viral sensation status is evidenced by its presence in over 100K TikTok and Instagram reels, including those by heavyweights like ESPN, FC Barcelona, Disney, Aston Martin, Dairy Queen, and Beyond Meat. The song’s irresistible energy, driven by Curt Smith’s signature vocals, promises to be a highlight of the collaborating artists’ upcoming live performances. Tiësto, a true icon in the electronic music world, has successfully elevated this beloved classic into a club-ready anthem for a new generation of fans, while his fellow collaborators, NIIKO X SWAE and GUDFELLA, continue to make waves in the dance music scene. With “Rule the World (Everybody),” this superstar trio delivers a dance track that is destined for greatness.

 Tiësto shares:

The original track is one of my favorites, so when I heard the new dance take on the song, I knew I wanted to collaborate on it with the other artists for a version that was special for my own live performances. The track goes crazy, live… I’m so happy it’s officially out for fans!”

Duck Sauce, Armand Van Helden, A-Trak – “LALALA”

Electronic music enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a legendary collaboration as Grammy-nominated producers Armand Van Helden and A-Trak join forces under their Duck Sauce alias, now signed to Defected Records’ D4 D4NCE imprint. With a collective accolade list that few can rival, including chart-toppers like “Barbara Streisand,” “aNYway,” and “Big Bad Wolf,” Duck Sauce has already etched their names into the annals of dance music history. Their latest offering, “LALALA,” serves as the harbinger of this exciting partnership, radiating their signature boundless energy, a contagious vocal hook, relentless breakdowns, and a delightful dose of noughties nostalgia. As they embark on this new chapter, Duck Sauce’s debut on D4 D4NCE promises to be nothing short of sensational, and fans can anticipate a stream of electrifying singles to come from this dynamic duo. With a roster that boasts A-list artists, it’s a match made in electronic music heaven, and we’re eagerly anticipating the sonic delights that will follow.

Duck Sauce let us know:

As the Hunter’s Moon of October 2023 approaches, the Ducks are brave and fearless. They are presenting their first musical offering of the year, a song that reverberates from the Caspian Sea to the Andes mountains. Duck season commences… with ‘LALALA.’”

MK – Take My Chance

MK’s latest single, “Take My Chance,” is an infectious dance anthem that’s sure to get feet moving and hearts racing. Known for his masterful production and knack for crafting irresistibly groovy tracks, MK doesn’t disappoint with this release. The song is a perfect fusion of melodic, soulful elements and a pulsating beat, creating a euphoric atmosphere that’s ideal for both the dancefloor and late-night drives. “Take My Chance” showcases MK’s continued prowess in delivering memorable house music, making it a must-listen for anyone craving a dose of pure dancefloor bliss.

Keys N Krates, Dana Williams – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

Keys N Krates are building anticipation for their upcoming third full-length studio album, “IN:TENSION,” slated for a November 10 release, and their latest offering, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” featuring Dana Williams, is a blissfully dizzying house track that delivers a sonic punch. With their signature heavy percussion and a wavy synth line, combined with Dana Williams’ jazzy vocals, the trio demonstrates their ability to seamlessly navigate the house music landscape. This new release joins an impressive lineup of previously revealed album singles, each offering a unique twist on the genre. Notably, Keys N Krates have unveiled a thrilling collaboration with R&B superstar Ciara on the piano house-driven “Fantasy,” marking her first foray into pure house music. With “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and their house-driven direction, Keys N Krates are carving an exciting path that pays homage to their lifelong musical influences, making “IN:TENSION” a must-listen for house music enthusiasts and their dedicated fanbase.

Keys N Krates tell us:

I Can’t Make You Love Me” is a club thumper for everyone getting out and moving past relationships weighing them down.  The cool, calm, and collected vocals from Dana Williams meet a hypnotic club thumper of a beat influenced by tribal house sounds and baile funk. Subtle and hard-hitting all at once, this tune is about forward motion in one’s life in the coolest way possible.”

Jengi – “Take U”

Jengi’s latest single, “Take U,” is a breath of fresh air in the world of electronic music. . Jengi’s production skills shine through with a captivating blend of lush, melodic instrumentation and an infectious, bouncy rhythm that’s impossible not to groove to. “Take U” is a testament to Jengi’s versatility as an artist and a welcome addition to any playlist in need of a catchy, feel-good tune.

KILIMANJARO – “Hit Em With It”

Scottish-Zambian DJ/Producer KILIMANJARO is a rising star to watch, and his debut solo single, “Hit Em With It,” is a thrilling testament to his incredible talent. Released on Diplo’s Higher Ground label, this track encapsulates the electric energy that KILIMANJARO has become renowned for. With haunting vocals and a diverse blend of percussive elements inspired by his early exposure to African gospel music, he’s crafted a dynamic production that’s uniquely his own. Having gained fame through a Boiler Room performance and a string of high-profile bookings, KILIMANJARO’s trajectory is on the upswing, and “Hit Em With It” sets the stage for what’s sure to be a monumental career as a producer. With an impressive lineup of upcoming shows, including a collaboration with Swedish House Mafia and a takeover at London’s Village Underground, KILIMANJARO is on the verge of something truly special, and this debut single is just the beginning of his journey to the top.

ESSEL – “The Edge”

ESSEL’s latest single, “The Edge,” delivers a mesmerizing blend of electronic, pop, and indie influences. The track opens with haunting, ethereal vocals that draw the listener in before evolving into a rich tapestry of sound, featuring lush synths, intricate production, and an undeniably catchy melody. ESSEL’s songwriting prowess shines through in the emotionally charged lyrics and captivating vocal delivery, making “The Edge” a compelling and thought-provoking musical experience. 

Ookay – “Mach 10”

Ookay is back in the spotlight with “MACH 10,” a vibrant Tech House track that’s destined to set the club scene on fire. With riveting four-on-the-floor beats, hypnotic dub elements, and ecstatic vocals, this release encapsulates the essence of speed and energy. Ookay’s description of the track perfectly aligns with its pulsating nature, making it a surefire hit for igniting the dance floor. This release marks his triumphant return to Dim Mak, and it’s just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey. With a versatile sound that spans house and trap, Ookay has consistently impressed the electronic music scene, and “MACH 10” continues to solidify his position as a dynamic and innovative artist.

Ookay shares,

Mach 10 is about speed and energy. I kept that in mind when writing the record and playing it in my sets. I opened with it every night on my last tour and it got the party going every time. So happy with the response and excited to finally have this song out!”

Black V Neck – “Bring The Noise / Stutter”

Black V Neck’s latest two-track offering, “Bring The Noise / Stutter,” is a dynamic showcase of their talent in the tech house realm. “Bring The Noise” with Rave Rae lives up to its name with pulsating beats and a relentless energy that’s designed to set dance floors ablaze. On the flip side, “Stutter” with Breaking Beattz and Gorillowz offers a more groovy and infectious vibe, with its intricate percussion work and a catchy vocal hook. Together, these tracks demonstrate Black V Neck’s versatility and their ability to deliver an electrifying package that’s sure to captivate the hearts of underground dance music enthusiasts.

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