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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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“Portals” Album

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s newest, highly anticipated album, “Portals,” has blown up the electronic music scene post their epic performance at Red Rocks. This mind-blowing release effortlessly blends heavy bass hits with intricate melodies, whisking listeners into an absolutely mesmerizing sound dimension. “Portals” underscores the group’s evolution as they keep pushing the envelope of their genre, serving up an immersive and utterly mind-bending experience. With this album, Black Tiger Sex Machine solidifies their spot as innovators in the electronic music world, leaving fans buzzing with anticipation for their next endeavor.

“Like That”


PEEKABOO and LYNY‘s latest collab, “Like That,” is a total game-changer in the electronic music scene. This track brings the heat with a blend of sick bass hits and cutting-edge sound design, giving a nod to each artist’s unique style while pushing the genre’s limits. “Like That” is a testament to their combined talent, serving up some serious vibes and mind-bending drops. Fans of PEEKABOO and LYNY are in for a wild ride with this release, as it transports them on a bass driven adventure that’s absolutely irresistible.

“Riddim Tale”


Wodd‘s latest banger, “Riddim Tale,” will soon be regarded as a riddim anthem to fans of the genre. This track is a rollercoaster of intricate rhythms and bone-rattling bass drops, delivering a musical narrative that keeps you hooked throughout. “Riddim Tale” demonstrates Wodd‘s top-tier production skills and storytelling prowess through sound. It’s a high-voltage experience that has both die-hard fans and music connoisseurs buzzing, cementing Wodd‘s status as an emerging sensation in the genre and leaving us hungry for more of his musical tales in the pipeline.

“Into The HEYZ, Part II” EP


HEYZ‘s newest EP, “Into The HEYZ: Part II,” just hit the scene via Deadbeats, and it’s a legit game-changer in the electronic music realm. This release seamlessly marries intricate production and deep storytelling, offering a captivating journey for your ears. “Into The HEYZ: Part II” not only showcases HEYZ‘s evolving sound but also his knack for pushing genre boundaries, promoting his status as a true trailblazer in the EDM landscape. With this EP, HEYZ is making a serious mark, and fans are left eagerly anticipating his next move in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.


Dirt Monkey

Dirt Monkey‘s follow-up to his recent project, “MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 2,” is a mesmerizing musical expedition that transports its audience to a rich and diverse auditory landscape. Remaining faithful to his signature style, Dirt Monkey‘s album is a complex amalgamation of genres, inviting listeners to become entranced by the beguiling melodies of “TAVEDIPPER,” groove to the gritty rhythms of “TEKT,” and bask in the sumptuous vibes of “WUNDROP.” This release serves as a testament to Dirt Monkey‘s artistic evolution and production prowess, highlighting his versatility in weaving together a multifaceted tapestry of sounds. “MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 2” is sure to strike a chord with both loyal fans and newcomers, reinforcing Dirt Monkey‘s standing as a formidable presence in the EDM community.

“Veggie Friends” EP


Infekt‘s newest EP, “Veggie Friends,” is a wonky delight that’s been making waves in the bass music world. This release serves up a diverse platter of bass-heavy flavors, showcasing Infekt‘s prowess in the studio and his knack for keeping the vibe fresh and unpredictable. From the earth-shaking drops of “Game On” to the intricate grooves of “Timekeeper,” “Veggie Friends” is a a perfect example of how Infekt has grown as a producer, demonstrating his ability to push the boundaries of his genre. With this EP, Infekt cements his reputation as a frontrunner in the bass music scene, leaving fans and fellow producers hungry for more of his signature sound.

“King Mathematics”

12th Planet

12th Planet‘s latest single, “King Mathematics,” is a musical force to be reckoned with. With this track, the iconic dubstep pioneer delivers a potent blend of bone-rattling basslines and intricate sound design. “King Mathematics” showcases 12th Planet‘s unrelenting commitment to pushing the envelope of bass music, and it’s a track that’s bound to make any bass music enthusiast headbang with fervor. This release reaffirms 12th Planet‘s status as a true heavyweight in the bass music.

“Squad Anthem”

Riot Ten x Ecraze x BLUPILL

Riot Ten, Ecraze, and BLUPILL‘s latest collaboration, “Squad Anthem,” is a ferocious assault that’s igniting the bass music scene. This track is a relentless onslaught of heavy drops and pounding beats, embodying the spirit of unity and energy that defines the hardcore bass music community. “Squad Anthem” exemplifies the collective power of these three producers, and it’s an anthem that’s sure to rally bass heads far and wide. With this release, Riot Ten, Ecraze, and BLUPILL leave fans eagerly anticipating more explosive collaborations in the future.


Papa Khan

Papa Khan‘s latest melodic single, “Runaway,” is a soul-stirring musical journey that pulls at the heartstrings. This track showcases Papa Khan‘s exceptional talent for crafting emotive melodies and intricate arrangements, drawing listeners into a world of vivid emotions. “Runaway” is a testament to Papa Khan‘s artistic depth and his ability to evoke powerful feelings through his music. It’s a captivating release that resonates with a wide audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting more of his heartfelt compositions in the future.


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