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Hangout Music Festival 2023 Highlights

by Nadia Khan
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Hangout Music Festival has become an annual pilgrimage for music lovers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. This three-day extravaganza in Gulf Shores brings together diverse music, stunning beach views, and an atmosphere of pure joy. With its eclectic lineup, stunning beachside location, and commitment to creating a memorable experience, it continues to captivate music enthusiasts year after year. Hangout 2023 was one for the books! From the musical performances to the entertaining activities, we’re pleased to share our highlights below.



One of the standout features of Hangout is its carefully curated lineup. From legendary headliners to emerging talents spanning across multiple genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and more, the festival ensures an eclectic mix of performances that keep the crowd engaged and enthralled.

John Summit, or more like Bass Summit, caught the bassheads’ attention as he occasionally explored dubstep beats that veered away from his house set. Flume played everything from the old to the new, incorporating live performances from his outstanding singers, Kucka and Vera Blue. Rainbow Kitten Surprise didn’t show, but a sweet surprise filled in instead… Louis The Child! Griffyn was my favorite set of the weekend but Skrillex was a fan favorite based on our friends’ opinions.

Hangout Music Festival 2023 Highlights





The festival’s location on the sandy beaches of Gulf Shores provides an idyllic backdrop that sets it apart from other music festivals. The combination of sun, sand, and music creates a unique atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. Although attendees have the opportunity to take refreshing dips in the ocean, the lines into the beach access were long and became closed off before the sun even set. I wish there was a better set up for this, but I understand the precautions the festival has to follow for the safety of its patrons.

It was an unforgettable experience dancing barefoot in the sand while soaking in the rhythms of their favorite artists.

Hangout Music Festival 2023 Highlights




Hangout Music Festival cultivates a vibrant and inclusive community spirit that adds to its allure. The friendly atmosphere encourages attendees to interact and connect, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences of all ages (from young college kids to older adults). Even the artists were loving & appreciative of the crowd. For example, I noticed Elohim chatting with her fans and sharing hugs before her set, spreading love and good vibes. 

Whether it’s participating in impromptu jam sessions, engaging in beach games, or simply striking up conversations with fellow festival-goers, Hangout embodies the spirit of togetherness.

Hangout Music Festival 2023 Highlights



The festival’s organizers spare no expense in creating an immersive and visually stunning environment. The stages are thoughtfully designed with great sound, especially the Boom stage. Malibu Beach House and Monster Beach Club had such an amazing vibe to them. These stages were smaller, container-like fixtures with a boiler room or beach party style feel to them. I wish the larger stages, including Shein Surf Stage and Hangout (mainstage), incorporated more impressive lighting setups and visual effects; however, they were very  large and much taller than I expected.  




Hangout Music Festival goes the extra mile to ensure the comfort and convenience of its attendees. Hangout offers a wide range of amenities including shaded areas, water stations, multiple food and beverage options, and clean restroom facilities. The VIP section exceeded my expectations. 

The VIP section featured two pools with lounge chairs, an open bar (providing beatboxes, John Dallys, and Lemonade/Malibu cocktails), hammocks with misters, and great views of the stage. These provisions enhanced the overall festival experience, allowing attendees to focus on enjoying the beachside bliss.

Hangout Music Festival 2023 Highlights




While the music draws the majority of the crowd, Hangout offers an array of side activities to keep attendees entertained throughout the day such as a photobooth, roller skating, a foam party, and more. The festival sponsors also organized fun activities such as the film experience with Coke, free beach accessories from Shein, sand volleyball at Corona beach, and the slim-n-slide & corn hole at camp Teva to name a few. There was always something happening beyond the main stages. These diversions add an extra layer of excitement and allow attendees to explore different facets of the festival.

Hangout Music Festival 2023



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