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Freaky Deaky 2022 Festival Review

by Arad Javaheri
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Halloween is fun time of year for ravers. There are a lot of amazing festivals throughout the country with amazing lineups. This year, we spent our Halloween weekend at Freaky Deaky in Houston, Texas for the first time! When deciding on a festival to attend a few things stood out to me about Freaky Deaky. I’ve never been to Houston so exploring a new city and dance music community was intriguing and I’ve always wanted to experience the Disco Donnie Presents universe of events.


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As a team of two, our team’s taste was balanced with one person wanting to see more house music and the other wanting to see more bass artists. We easily found a solid middle ground of artists to pick from as the lineup featured an equally stacked mix of house and bass artists. We had to get to the festival early to see house legends in the making Westend, Chapter & Verse, and Ranger Trucco who I’m sure will lead the scene in the years to come. By sundown living legends Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo, John Summit, and Kaskade brought the heat and showcased why they are at the top of their game.

My inner basshead came rushing out for artists like SoDown, Wooli, and Subtronics. SoDown was one of my favorite sets of the weekend as he brought out his saxophone to light up the dance floor. Subtronics is a fan favorite at most festivals but I don’t think his particular sound fits with what i enjoy so will most likely skip for another artist next time. Pendulum was a set I was looking forward to the most! I was a little disappointed to only see one of the three members behind the deck but it’s understandable. He played a set with the majority of what I hope was unreleased Pendulum music or music by other artists. A little disappointed that I didn’t hear as many Pendulum classics as I was hoping to hear but can never complain about hearing some new tunes. LSDream was an unforgettable set with visuals and music that made me feel like I was being hypnotized. Definitely would give LSDream the number one bass set of the weekend.


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Venue was great! the layout of the festival was planned very well. Did not hear any sound bleed from other stages but the stages were still close enough where you could easily jump from one stage to another. Getting into the festival had a little bit of traffic but nothing out of the ordinary and wait time to get into the parking lot was no more than 10-15min. Getting out of the festival seemed like it would be a bit more difficult and take some time but we got lucky with our parking spots and were able to get out in no time so no comments on that.

I’ve grown to get used to a 2am cut off for most festivals I’ve attended in California so Freaky Deaky ending at 11:30 on Satuday and 11pm on Sunday was disappointing but I believe this is a standard for most Texas festivals so its not something I can fault the organizers with. Hope to see the time expand longer in the coming years.


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The Freaky Deaky community was beautiful! Our team really enjoyed interacting with and partying with everyone in attendance. We did not experience any bad vibes and even when moving through the crowd everyone was generous about letting us through. Be sure to always spread good energy as you make your way through a crowd and making eye contact and saying “excuse me” or “sorry” goes a long way!

Our first Disco Donnie Presents festival was a massive success and we recommend this festival for your next Halloween! Up next Disco Donnie Presents will be holding their annual Lights All Night NYE festival. Stage Hoppers team will be onsite covering LAN!

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