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Will Sparks brings Big Room Techno with “HARD” plus Interview

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Will Sparks brings Big Room Techno with his new single, “HARD.” As a global maestro of EDM, Will Sparks has been hailed as the next big thing in the music industry. Now, the innovative artist, along with acts like HARDWELL, W&W, Ummet Ozcan, is at the forefront of the rising Big Room Techno fever. And, his latest release showcases the power behind this electrifying takeover.

Out now via Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, “HARD” delivers full-frontal momentous power in the drops and unprecedented tension builds. However, the track comes to a sudden halt as arpeggiated synths dominate an expansive breakdown. Then, Sparks leads into the final cadence of syncopated synths stabs, deep pulsating bass, and a thunderous kick. In a short time, Will Sparks has made a name for himself and this new release continues to cement his global reach. His diligent production and sound design emerges through the meticulous arrangement. With every release, the Aussie Trailblazer is setting a standard of his own.

Regarding the release, Sparks shares:

‘Hard’ is the record I made straight after ‘Come With Me’. I was inspired by the bass stabs and wanted to do it again but in a totally different way. I took my sound design to the next level experimenting with multiple lead patterns and bringing those thick kick and bass tones together. I’m most proud of the breakdown and how euphoric it is. There isn’t a track in my set that can match it at the moment.”

Interview: What is “Big Room Techno?”

Fellow Stage Hoppers, our team had the pleasure of interviewing Will Sparks this past month. Here’s what he had to say:

How did your iconic Melbourne Bounce sound come to life?

Local Melbourne DJs were producing music called ‘Melbourne Underground’ which was influenced by techno and dark minimal genres. When Dutch house was peaking, a few of the younger Melbourne guys, including me, started to blend the sound as one.”

What prompted you to pursue music professionally?

“I knew it was worth pursuing the moment I got paid more for an hour DJ set than a 3 hour shift at the supermarket.”

What moment made you feel you were at the next level in your career and cemented yourself in the electronic dance music community?

“When ‘Ah Yeah’ was in everyone’s sets. Also, as I started to gain fans that would pack venues in the early days.”

Who are your artistic influences and how have they affected your artistry?

“Joel Fletcher was definitely an influence, was most likely the first to experiment the different sounds together. At the peak of ‘Ton!c’ – Deorro 100% took things to new levels for me. “

How did Big Room Techno start and what are its defining qualities that separate it from other sub-genres?

“It began during covid. I was inspired by the current techno scene, and their productions being on a new level. Some artists have simplified things sonically. It’s quite easy when you think about it. The kick, textures, bass, and percussion sounds, blended with some older Melbourne underground influences. It just works. I think it’s the build ups and grooves on the drop sections.”

Will Sparks

Will Sparks

Interview cont.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

“Amelie Lens.”

With your North American tour in full force, do you find it difficult to keep up with any pressure of releasing new music? Especially, in the sense of developing this new Big Room Techno sound?

“I don’t find it difficult at all, I’ve always produced on the road. In terms of what’s relevant, I sincerely have no interest and only produce tracks I enjoy working. “

For our fellow Stage Hoppers, what is your favorite festival, show or venue that you have attended or performed at?

“Nameless, Summerburst, Airbeat One, Open Beatz, and more recently Strike music festival in Seoul. It was nuts!!”

What’s next to come from Will Sparks, and are there any future releases or performances you can share with our audience?

I have a record called “Hard” coming out on November 4th. Then a big collab with Hardwell is coming hopefully in the near future. My solo Sparksmania shows are always in the works, growing to be bigger and better each time. Next year’s plans are looking exciting!”

More about Will Sparks

Will Sparks’ name has forever shaped the global electronic dance music scene. A pioneer of Melbourne Bounce, a sub-genre of EDM affectionately named after his Australian hometown, Sparks makes countless laps around the globe performing the world’s most reputable stages including Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland as well as residencies at the best global venues. Will finds himself time and time again at the top of the dance music charts with double Platinum records and amassing an inconceivable 2.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify all before the ripe young age of 28. Sparks knew there something more to life for him from a very young age, and boy did the industry know that too.

After releasing his iconic “Ah Yeah,” the track shot straight up the charts and effortlessly hit double platinum. Still riding the wave of his first release’s success, Sparks then dropped “Bring it Back,” and brought it home again with the single going platinum. Since these two hits, Will has continued to triumph, today amassing over 600million+ streams just across Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Will Sparks

In addition, high-profile collaborations with the likes of Steve Aoki, W&W, Timmy Trumpet, and Bollywood phenom Priyanka Chopra as well as remixes for the likes of The Chainsmokers, Bruno Mars, and Major Lazer gained the attention of millions worldwide. With well over 15 #1 Beatport releases, Will Sparks is certainly sought after in the DJ community also. 

Sparks moves at a pace that’s synonymous with his sky’s the limit attitude, as he steps into another huge year of touring and music releases, linking with labels such as Armada, Spinnin’, and his own, CLUBWRK. Now, Will Sparks may have left an indelible mark on the EDM scene, but he isn’t even close to done yet.


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