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First Look at EDC Las Vegas 2021 Main Stage

by Arad Javaheri
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We are only two days away from the world’s biggest festival. 150,000 attendees and over 200 artists will be heading to Las Vegas to celebrate the weekend together. A submission from the Stage Hoppers community gave us a first look at the EDC Las Vegas 2022 main stage better known as Kinetic Field.

Last year Insomniac Events Founder Pasquale Rotella shared images of Kinetic Zen being built. It’s unclear yet if the stage has been redesigned from its original plans for May 2020. The current centerpiece of the stage is much different than the previous designs shown but there is still room for additional pieces to be added. This year will be EDC Las Vegas 25th anniversary. Insomniac takes its anniversary editions very seriously, always going the extra mile to up the size and production. EDC Las Vegas 20th anniversary saw the most expensive stage ever built at $3 million and a brand new redesigned 360′ Circuit Grounds.

Check out our list of must see rising acts at EDC Las Vegas! Our playlists are running a special edition EDC Las Vegas tracklist to hype you up for the weekend! Basstopia // House Cat Spotify Playlists.

Let us know who you’re most excited to see in the comments below! We’ll be handing out Stage Hoppers stickers all weekend long.



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