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Dysphemic releases Boisterous Bass Single “SWAMP SHIP”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Dysphemic releases his boisterous mid-tempo bass single, “SWAMP SHIP.” With his first appearance on the Stage Hoppers’ Music Blog, Dysphemic displays his riveting production skills and methodically developed “Swamp Bass” sound. His “super late-on-the-beat, boom-bap swagger, but with swampy bouncy bass lines,” as he describes, adorns his extensive discography. Dysphemic provides a sonic journey through dubstep, glitch hop, bass house and drum n’ bass. Now, “SWAMP SHIP” launches with sheer force for an out-of-this-world Dysphemic experience.

At first, “SWAMP SHIP” misleads the listener with its muffled kick and sparse melodic introduction. However, Dysphemic unleashes a grimy, menacing bass groove. Each iteration delivers an unprecedented wobble with forward grit that slaps on your bass face! However, the chilling melodies add a luminescent gliding texture over the dense bass foundation. With forward momentum, a blend of extraterrestrial synth-work and subtle organic elements work their way into the assertive atmosphere. The hauntingly distorted vocalizations add a flavor of authenticity and tonal shift indicating the culminating endeavor on “SWAMP SHIP.”

Dysphemic shares with us: “‘SWAMP SHIP’ is from a series of tunes… This is my favorite of the lot, it’s about flying with your homies in a beat up stolen space ship into the swamps of outer space with this as the soundtrack.”

Listen HERE!

More about Dysphemic

From his dirty bass grooves to the fusion of acoustic instruments and grand cinematic break downs, the sound of Dysphemic is an eclectic sonic journey. With every set comes strictly 100% original music evolving through a multi-genre spectacle. He frequently creates one off tracks to mash up live, often never releasing them to the public. In return, making each set a unique and intimate experience.



Credited by Vice Magazine for pioneering classical Dubstep and having his album Zeus listed as one one of the most overlooked albums of 2017 by Reddit, Dysphemic continues to expand the minds of listeners around the globe with his unique take on dance music. In addition, his track “Snake King” was used by Go Pro and broadcast to millions of viewers during the 2019 Tour de France.

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