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Coldwall | Artist Spotlight + Session

by Arad Javaheri
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About Coldwall

Serbian born and Canadian raised, Coldwall’s early interest for music was always apparent. The progressive and cinematic nature of his music can be traced back to the very beginning – learning how to play the piano by studying movie and video game soundtracks. He nurtured his passion throughout the years and started producing Electronic Music after hearing Avicii’s “Levels” while traveling in Australia.

His debut EP titled “Risen” came out in the summer of 2018. Showcasing a wide range of genres, each of the four tracks tells a different story, taking the listener on a moving journey. His mantra “Digital Sounds. Human Feelings.” has been at the forefront of his production style, treating EDM as a platform for expression and emotional therapy.

Recently his flips dubbed “Corruptions” have garnered a lot of attention on Soundcloud gaining recognition from G-house pioneers like Dr. Fresch and BIJOU. Gritty basslines and swelling chord progressions combine to offer his fresh perspective on modern classics.

His live performances aim to look past genres and instead bring audiences through an exploration of digital sounds and human feelings. With a brand new EP on the way, one thing is for certain, the Corruption is spreading…

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