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BUKU X G-REX: The Dual Continuum Tour Review (Grand Rapids, MI)

by Connor Smith
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Last week, the team at Stage Hoppers were elated to attend the Buku X G-REX: Dual Continuum Tour, brought to you by the influential WAKAAN label. The artists displayed their exceptional sounds and dynamic stage presence, creating a thrilling experience for all those in attendance. Despite being their first co-headlining tour, Buku and G-REX exhibited the confidence of seasoned musicians, owning the stage simultaneously and leaving a lasting impression on their audience. Check out a few of our highlights from the show!



Photo Credit: @hutchandstuff

Buku and G-REX elevated their performance with their imaginative use of visuals, which demonstrates their status as premier DJs and electronic music producers. The audience indulged in a visually stunning display that perfectly complemented the music, featuring mesmerizing light shows, trippy animations, and synced videos. The visuals were expertly choreographed to the rhythm, resulting in a completely engaging experience for the audience. The use of visuals not only added to the entertainment value but also elevated the entire performance, making it a truly memorable experience.


Stage Presence

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The performances by Buku and G-REX were noteworthy for their mature and confident demeanor on stage. They exhibited charisma and engaged with the crowd throughout their lively sets, building a strong connection with the audience as the bass boomed through the speakers. The genuine connection established by Buku and G-REX during their performances enhanced the overall experience for the audience, making it effortless for fans to connect with them on a personal level.



Opening the night, Slang Dogs, a producing duo hailing from the West Coast, delivered an electrifying performance filled with intense bass and dubstep beats, complemented by mesmerizing visuals. Incorporating tracks from their newly released Apostles Divination EP, the entire set was a display of originality, leaving the audience spellbound from beginning to end as they awaited the following act.

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Originating from Grand Rapids, MI, Super Future stepped onto his hometown stage ready to represent, immediately grabbing the attention of his fans, dubbed “Super Humans,” with his heavy bass and unconventional dubstep. Mastering the EDM sub-genre of Freeform bass, Super Future skillfully fused elements of bright and dreamy downtempo beats to electrify the audience in front of him.

Buku rocked the venue with his thundering bass, leaving the audience in awe as the powerful sound echoed throughout the space. His dramatic drops penetrated the bodies of the audience, eliciting the famous “bass face” as he transitioned from one track to another. His set, featuring new material from his collaborative Dual Continuum EP, was downright dirty from beginning to end, reminding all who witnessed why Buku is a rising artist to be reckoned with within the EDM community.

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G-REX took the stage with high expectations from his audience as his support left them awestruck and craving more. Commanding his fans with his stage presence, he prepared his spectators for a remarkable performance, riddled with his career classics and unique remixes. G-REX‘s setlist leaned heavy into hard hitting dubstep tracks, with new material from his collaborative Dual Continuum EP scattered throughout. As his set came to a close, G-REX brought the rest of the Dual Continuum lineup out for a freestyle mixing session, taking turns as they demonstrated their producing talent for all to experience., ending the event with a bang.


Check the official flyer below for remaining Dual Continuum Tour dates!

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