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3 Reasons To Catch Buku x G-REX: Dual Continuum Tour

by Connor Smith
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Following the release of their Dual Continuum EP in October, Buku and G-REX, two renowned bass music artists, are embarking on their co-headlining Dual Continuum Tour presented by the powerhouse label WAKAAN, to deliver a powerful and immersive concert experience to fans across the country. The tour will showcase their latest Dual Continuum EP, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy their new tracks live, all while experiencing a dynamic and high-energy performance that both Buku and G-REX are famed for. As they blend electronic, bass, and experimental music, this tour is a rare opportunity to see these two innovators throw down. Here are 3 Reasons To Catch The BUKU X G-REX: Dual Continuum Tour!


Unique Collaboration

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As these two highly respected artists rise to the top of the bass music scene, being able to experience a co-headlining tour where fans get to enjoy both artists as they share the same stage is a unique opportunity for fans of bass music. Known for their creative and innovative styles, Buku and G-REX have created a tour filled with exclusive performances and special arrangements of tracks that couldn’t be witnessed elsewhere.


New Music

The Dual Continuum Tour is a perfect opportunity for Buku and G-REX to showcase their talents in a live setting and introduce their latest EP, Dual Continuum, to their fanbase. The tour allows the artists to perform their new material in front of a live audience, giving their fans the chance to experience their music in a completely reimagined way, creating an exciting opportunity for bass music enthusiasts to be among the first to hear and see their latest project performed live.


High Energy Performances

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The Dual Continuum Tour promises a captivating and high-energy concert experience that combines the mesmerizing styles and stage presence of both Buku and G-REX. Featuring a blend of booming bass and awe-inspiring sounds, while combining a hypnotizing display of visuals and lasers, the entire experience is sure to have fans dancing the night away from beginning to end.   

For fans of bass music, missing this tour would be an absolute mistake. Offering endless amounts of entertainment, the Dual Continuum Tour is sure to be remembered as a highlight of 2023. With support appearances by Hairitage, Kumarion, Jon Casey, lyny, Super Future, and more, the lineup is too good not to experience first hand.

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For future tour dates, check out the official tour flyer below!

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More About G-REX

G-REX, a producer from Detroit, Michigan, has made a name for himself in the electronic music industry. Starting from the bottom, G-REX has transformed his sound into a unique and powerful force in the bass music scene. Teaming up with producer Peekaboo, G-REX made a huge impact in 2018 with the release of his iconic single “Babatunde”. Since, G-REX‘s freeform style quickly caught the attention of both fans and fellow artists, leading the way for a new trend among producers in the scene. As he continues to progress in his career, G-REX is regularly booking appearances in the hottest venues and festivals across the nation, ensuring that he will continue to pave the way for bass music culture.

More About Buku

Robert Balotsky, known by his alias as Buku, is a talented producer and musician from Pittsburgh. With a background in Music Technology, Buku is skilled in creating complex and layered soundscapes. His unique way of combining simple and emotive melodies with heavy bass and elaborate drum patterns sets him apart from many producers today. Buku is able to produce elements in his music that are only audible to a trained ear, making his work all the more impressive. Having set the EDM community on fire, Buku has managed to book spots in the hottest lineups around, amazing thousands of fans with the originality he brings to bass music.


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