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BLOOD PVCT’s unleashes the Beast in monstrous single “Fiend”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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BLOOD PVCT, rising artist and current student of the renowned Icon Collective, unleashes a monstrous track titled “Fiend.” The eerie piano melody transforms into a striking string feature gliding underneath the sinister vocal line. The unsettling atmosphere erupts into a destructive drop with rampaging synth-work and pounding bass and percussion. The gritty sound design of “Fiend” evokes the vision of BLOOD PVCT, “Chaotic Bloodshed” and terrorizing dubstep.

“‘Fiend’ was written in a fairly short period of time. I started with the initial melodic content and began curating a dark vibe for what would later be the theme of the song. I envisioned a dimly lit back alley set in the midnight hour; the aggressive sounds in the drop accompany the haunting orchestral melodies in the intro signifying the creature stalking his prey transitioning into the moment when he would attack the unknowing victim. The sounds in the drop immediately give the vibe of danger and embodies the emotional distress one would feel when encountering and being attacked by such a creature. Overall the song is a good representation of my sound and vision, but is just a small piece of the world I’m curating and the larger journey into what the “Blood Pvct ” will become.”

“Fiend” by BLOOD PVCT was released on Friday, April 22, 2022.

More about BLOOD PVCT:

A project “Drenched in Blood ” is the vision of artist Scott Finley aka BLOOD PVCT. Drawing influence from horror, hardcore, metal, and heavy dubstep; his aim is to combine a dungeon aesthetic and aggressive sound into what he calls “Chaotic Bloodshed.” From fear inducing creatures to tales of black-magic and ill intent, prepare yourself for immersion into his horrific sound. Originally from the southeastern United States (Charlotte, NC.) but relocated to Los Angeles, CA. in 2021 to attend Icon Collective and refine his sound.

Tiktok– @bloodpvctmusic

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