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Best Releases of the Week [3.10.23]

by Connor Smith
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Suffer In Silence” – Rezz

Rezz’s latest release, “Suffer In Silence,” showcases her signature style of eerie, dancefloor-commanding beats, reminiscent of her previous hit “Gyrate.” Despite being entirely instrumental, the track effectively captures the emotions of uncertainty and isolation through its haunting synths and pulsing rhythm. The title alone speaks volumes about the pain and struggle Rezz experiences in life, connecting her on a human level to her audience through music.

Sober” – Ship Wrek

Ship Wrek, the duo hailing from Los Angeles, has made their long-awaited comeback with their latest single, “Sober“, released on Armada Music. Marking their first solo work in almost two years since their previous collaboration with Loud Luxury on “Amnesia,” the new track is a fine showcase of their unique music production style, characterized by solid rhythm, modified vocals, and deep bass drones, capturing the memories of an exhilarating night out with its hazy and fuzzy sound. Ship Wrek takes the listeners on an immersive journey into a wild night of partying, exploring the ups and downs of the experience. The track’s mesmerizing beats and captivating vocals are bound to enthrall every club-goer, teleporting them into a world of boundless potential and pure energy.

Voices” – Riot Ten

Releasing his newest track “Voices,” Riot Ten begins the song with a haunting melody, building up to a drop that unleashes a barrage of explosive sounds, including heavy bass and dubstep-inspired beats. Powerful vocals perfectly complement the intense energy of the track, adding an extra layer of drama and urgency to the mix.

Flashpoint” EP – Emalkay x The Others x Subscape

Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape, UK bass legends, have released their full EP, “Flashpoint,” following the success of their first two singles, “Inside My Head” and “Berserker.” The EP features eight classic bass tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of old-school and original dubstep, cementing the trio’s reputation as pioneers of the genre. “Flashpoint” is a masterful work that pays tribute to the roots of dubstep while incorporating modern production techniques. With its classic sound and innovative visual elements, the EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the history and evolution of the genre. Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape have proven yet again why they are true legends in the world of UK bass.

Fool Me” – CHYL

CHYL, a prominent speed house producer, has made her debut on Monstercat with the exciting new single “Fool Me.” For the first time, CHYL incorporates softer vocals into her work, creating a cinematic soundscape with atmospheric and euphoric elements, while still maintaining her signature high-energy drops and bouncy rhythms. Known for her super charged style and aesthetic, CHYL has been praised for keeping crowds energized with her adrenaline-pumping performances. “Fool Me” is sure to be a festival favorite, and fans can catch CHYL performing the new track live this month alongside k?d at Popscene in San Francisco and at 1720 in Los Angeles on April 1st, as well as shows with Habstrakt on his upcoming tour.

Translucent” EP – Ravenscoon

Ravenscoon continues to soar after a successful year, marked by three WAKAAN EPs and two standalone singles. Now, with his debut SSKWAN EP, “Translucent,” Ravenscoon elevates his craft to new heights. The EP, which includes four tracks, showcases the artist’s unique downtempo style, incorporating fluid production techniques that deviate from his usual bass-heavy sound. Ravenscoon‘s artistry is on full display in “Translucent,” as he draws from a range of genres including garage and wave music. The EP embodies the essence of SSKWAN, demonstrating Ravenscoon’s versatility and range as an artist.

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