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3 Reasons to Catch Alok on Tour

by Arad Javaheri
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You’ve definitely heard of Alok, the Brazilian DJ and producer who has swept the globe. With 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify ranked #190 in the world making him one of the most streamed EDM artists in the world. Alok has become one of the most in-demand DJs thanks to his contagious sounds and upbeat performances that keep the dance floor alive all night long. Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t miss out if you have the chance to see him live:

1 – The sound of Brazil – 

A pioneer and top performing artist of the Brazilian house/slap house genre, Alok led the way with artists like Vintage Culture and KVSH to take the sound of Brazil all over the world. With over 28 million followers on Instagram, Alok has performed to some of the biggest crowds in Brazil and represented the country across the by being the world first DJ [from Brazil] to spin for 50,000 to 60,000 people almost every month. Brazilian house absolutely took over the dance music scene in 2018 and brought with it many new fans to dance music as the energetic groves of the genre appealed to new listeners. Check out Alok on tour now as he evolves his sound to the ever-changing taste of listeners worldwide and sets new trends.

2 – Works well with others – 

Outside his own discography packed with hits, Alok is well known for his remixes. At the peak of the slap house era, Alok’s remixes were heard across all social media platforms and dance floors around the world. His remix of Meduz – Piece of Your Heart (Alok remix) sits at a massive 290 million streams on Spotify while the other official remixes sit at a combined 48 million streams. What you know about rollin’ down in the deep? Those lyrics give us a flashback to the beginning of the TikTok era and Alok’s remix of that song sits at the top of the charts. Astronaut In The Ocean (Alok remix) was used by DJs across the world to cross the hit song onto the dance floor.

Alok 2023

3 – Amazing venues across the tour – 

The Stage Hoppers team will be on-site at the March 16 show at Austin, TX newest and best venue Superstition. With a 70s disco theme Superstition is one of the most unique venues in a town where being weird is the moto! Join us on March 16 or keep up with our stories on Instagram to get a glance of the experience. Other notable stops are Marquee Night Club in Las Vegas, Marquee New York, and PRYSM Nightclub to name a few. Don’t miss festival sets at Beyon Wonderland Socal, Tomorrowland, and ILESONIQ in Canada.

Check out all upcoming tour dates here.

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